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Stop Hustling And Start Aligning

I had no idea today was 2/22/22! I woke up today with tons to do. From doctors appointments and covid tests, to prep for my out of country trip, followed by my morning meeting with my team it started off pretty hectic. Immediately after I was inspired to write an email to my tribe and I decided to add it to our blog when I later realized today's date.

You may or may not know I am an introvert with a twist of extrovert. I prefer writing over talking, radio over television, quiet time to recharge and gather my thoughts. This past weekend I attended a private, intimate (my fave) poolside picnic with some heavy hitters in the RE Community. Some were in town for a major conference and chose to pass up the day sessions to attend.

We were going around the table with introductions and the closer it got to me, per usual, my heart started racing and my mouth got dry. I sipped on water and shared, "My name is Coleen Otero, I am a Brand Curator and Founder of The CEO Chick Network. My life's purpose is to help women move from tolerating life to dominating in life... To stop hustling and just flat out align!"

Unexpectedly, everyone began to respond to my words! They said things like:

  • "I need that."

  • "Help!"

  • "Man!"

  • "Sheesh..."

  • "What's your social?"

I could tell that these women needed to tap into a life beyond their "to do" list!

You know how? Because I am on the journey of doing the SAME!

Since Q4 of last year I have been asking God to show me how to run my business from a place of compassion, overflow, and abundance. He gave me a mantra to recite; I shared it at my MastHermind Event. Women still tag me in it 'til this day. The key was this!

Focus on what you possess as well as what possesses you!

Simply put, what do I have working in my favor and what has my attention? We tend to look at our glasses half empty vs. full. There is such focus on what is not happening, and who is not doing what, that we can miss WHAT IS HAPPENING! I began to place a focus on who/what was working and who/what was bringing me joy and wisdom. I focused on the aspects of my life's work that bought me excitement. I did not leave other areas unattended; I just moved those tasks over to a staff member. This gave me more time to tap into my creative flow for brand clients, date nights with my hubby, tik toks with my kids, time to eat right and SLEEP. Healthy boundaries were created between work, friendships (I work with some of my amazing friends, so boundaries matter) and self care! Something started happening! I received organic calls from media outlets, opportunities to record for a major network, new clients, attentive staff and volunteers. Those that get the vision and find fulfillment within it move with me. Those that don't simply fall back... AND IT'S OKAY! Today make the choice to find your flow! Step out of hustling and move into alignment!


Coach Coleen


Love this, great read. I am honestly trying to align myself as well.


Feb 22, 2022

Awesome read! excited for what God has in store for your empire this year.

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