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What they're saying about CEO Chicks...


We landed a new, multi-million dollar spa deal!

Body Care Products

The CEO Chicks vision for our brand has been a game changer! CEO Chicks helped us to scale back and focus on our best-sellers. We joined the CEO Chicks in 2017 because we were in need of a community of women that we could look to for support and knowledge. We had never been in business before and there was so much we didn’t know. Being a a part of CEO Chicks has allowed our business to grow exponentially. With their coaching, we landed a deal with a multi-million spa in Chicago! We cannot express how grateful we are to be working with CEO Chicks. Our relationship is a part of God’s divine plan! 


My business engagement has quadrupled!

Premier Makeup Line

The unexpected tragedy of the pandemic created massive economy hardship for entrepreneurs, causing the doors of many small businesses to close. Unfortunately, one of those businesses was mine. As a beauty-based professional, it was nearly impossible to practice social distancing, so every appointment, speaking engagement, class, and celebrity booking was cancelled. In addition, my business’ doors were forced to close at MGM National Harbor. Once our doors closed, I immediately had to shift. So, I called CEO Chicks to strategize, and we shifted my entire empire to online services. As a result, My Wink n Pout had one of the most successful years with our e-commerce sales. My business engagement quadrupled since I joined CEO Chicks!

Within three days, my business grew by 30%!

PR and Marketing

There's nothing like being a part of a network where you can let your hair down and be vulnerable about some of the areas you’re having challenges within your business. But the best part about it the constant education on how to actually grow and scale my business. I support brands to maximize growth through marketing and PR services, yet I was on the brink of letting my agency go because I did not have the time and support to build a team like I needed. However, after 1:1 coaching session with CEO Chicks, I was able to figure out how my agency can thrive. Since then, in the last quarter of 2019, I’ve been able to boost my sales and bring on more clients. The best part? I’ve been able to focus on my personal media brand.


You can sit with us - there's always room at our table for you and your goals, and we have the tools to make your dreams a reality.

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