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Love and Business: You can have it all!

If you're an entrepreneur, you know how fleeting work-life balance can be. At this point of my entrepreneurial journey I am convinced balance is a myth. There is only harmony or disharmony. Building a profitable business requires ingenuity, passion, focus, money, time and more. With only 24 hours in a day, where does that leave time for our relationships?

Putting any less time into the business might not make sense. It could delay your entry into the market, or your growth. What do you do when two of the most important things in your life are being put against each other: your love and your love for your business?

Now let me say, I am no expert! But I have had 22 years of practice and thank goodness my marriage is still thriving today.

Between my research and experience I came up with a few tips you can use to achieve a more synergistic balance between your business/career efforts and your relationship:

1. Give Both Loved Ones and Business Associates Clear Expectations!

Just like telling someone you don’t have time for them, relationship problems can also arise when you’re always making plans with someone and then canceling because you’re so involved in work.

Conversely, when you’re promising a certain level of productivity to a client or employer but not living up to it due to personal relationships, it hinders your ability work.

By setting clear expectations on both sides, you’ll be able to avoid those disappointments and letdowns that cause unnecessary relationship problems in your personal and business affairs.

Say it with me, "under promise and over deliver!"

2. Communicate.

Talk with your partner about what you want. When you’re attempting to tackle huge business goals, your relationship shouldn’t be an enigma you have to solve. It should provide support and comfort. And yes, there will be ups and downs, as we are human, after all. But, the key to excelling in both love and business is effective communication.

3. Delegate and Automate.

This has saved my marriage on many occasions! Do everything you can to free up time in your home and in your business. Hiring a house cleaner to give you and your partner shared time away from chores is one way of finding balance. When we come home to a clean home, we are able to spend more time enjoying one another’s company. We have our home deep cleaned bi-weekly, it also makes for a better work from home environment.

Hire assistants to take care of the administrative and financial areas of your business so you can focus on generating and developing ideas. If you can’t afford assistants, hire interns and train them well.

The more you delegate, the more time you have to spend on both your business and your personal relationships.

4. Learn How To Time Block.

You need time for your business, and you need time for your relationship – and you need to keep the two separate and time blocked. Learn a project management system and use it to manage tasks and decisions efficiently. A sign of a good leader is to never start your workday without a plan, and never let procrastination get in the way of action.

As a business owner, you have the luxury to schedule your day, but if you have not planned it well, it can get away from you quickly. Set a time to SHUT IT DOWN SIS! Tomorrow is another day.

All my recovering workaholics say, "AMEN!"

5. Remember that You and Your Partner are a Team!

This is another favorite of mine! Don’t ever make it “your business vs. your partner.” You and your partner are a team. You are supporting each other while you work on your business.

Running a business is creative and exciting and there are new things happening on a regular basis. This is what I love about entrepreneurship! If you can find a way to share this passion, your partner will feel more part of your adventure. But, don't just talk about work! Change the topic, focus on their needs and desires. GET INTIMATE! Talk, touch, flirt, laugh, be present.

Here a few of my go to's:

  • Lunch dates

  • Buy him something he loves

  • Flirt with him by sending sexy text messages

  • Book a couples photo shoot

  • Plan a date trip or staycation

  • Don't buy him a pedicure or massage... GIVE HIM ONE HUNNY!

There's more but, you get the point!

Ready to get the most out of your business and relationship now?

There is absolutely nothing easy about creating harmony between your business and relationship, but at the end of the day, if it is important to you, you will find a way to make it work!

Coleen Otero

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