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Ok, ladies! Let’s get [in]formation!

As we enter the last quarter of 2021, I’m forced to reflect on everything we’ve experienced this year. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and we’ve lost far too many loved ones. We’ve celebrated and we’ve cried, but it is important to remember that you’re still here!

While things may seem hard for some, the fact that you’re here says that you’re not done! As Rich Tolbert sings “I’m alive because there’s more”. There’s so much more for you to do and most of it can be done during this last quarter.

The year is coming to a close and most people use this time to think about what’s to come and strategize how they can accomplish their goals. Like every other area in your life your business deserves that same attention. Use this time to check in with yourself and determine what it is you’d like to see manifested for your business over the next year! *Check out my course on How to Cast Vision if you need some inspiration*

This is the perfect time to study and gather information from resources you didn’t use or know you had access to! Here are a few things every business owner should consider during the last quarter of the year:

  1. Plan for the holidays - Are you closing for the holidays? Will there be a sale? Do you have enough inventory to accommodate Black Friday/Cyber Monday? All of these are questions that need to be considered in order to maximize on the demand of the season.

  2. Self Reflection - Take this time to focus on where you want to be personally and where you see your business going. Where do you want to be next year? Create a list of short and long term goals and draft a plan to accomplish these goals! *Check out this Morning Meditation course with Coach Schellie to help you focus and develop habits beneficial for producing*

  3. Meet with your team - Discuss where you are as a team/company. What went right? What went wrong and how can you avoid any mishaps in the future? These are all important when forecasting the future success of your business.

  4. Plan for the new year - What systems can you adjust during the new year that weren’t as efficient as you had hoped? What made those processes inefficient? Can they be fixed or do you just need to throw it away completely? Will you be offering new products and services?

Take a moment to intentionally reflect on the past and look to the future. Being connected to a network of like minded women is definitely going to help you remain or regain your focus for what’s to come. What better way to gain more knowledge than to attend our live event!

The 3-day MastHERmind event is taking place November 5-7! I am so excited about all of the information that will be shared during this event and I want you to be a part! Tickets are going fast so you don’t want to be left out! Get your tickets today! Hope to see you there!


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