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Women Supporting Women

Developing a network for women has its challenges, for sure. You meet all kinds of people. Those who understand reciprocity and have a servant’s heart and those that are more transactional and have their own motives.

With that said, all will support to some degree. I have learned some support comes with a pure heart, some come with conditions, and, at times, some come with hidden agendas.

But I’m okay with that!

Once I got privy to the hearts of men, I was cool. Support is something that comes in many different forms and levels.

It’s like this. You will get support from those that generally hit these five areas:

  1. I love what you’re doing - These people will donate or volunteer and feel rewarded and satisfied because they aligned with your vision. They comment, like, and share your posts, buy your products, all to show love. They appreciate the small things you do for them; it goes a long way with them.

  2. I don’t love what you’re doing, but I really love you - These people will share if you ask them to. They may pop up in the room so you see their face every now and then, but they really have no interest in what you do. They are simply there for you. They can be inconsistent with their support, but, all in all, if you call them with a need they will show up and show out; Just don’t call them too often.

  3. I don’t love you or what you do - These are some of my favorites. They are only coming to see what you are doing. They will buy a course and a book and sit in on your class just to check out what you got going on. They are likened to the students that just take a class to get it over with. LOL. I welcome them too. They typically just want the information on systems, processes, etc. They can be converted into loyal supporters if they enjoy the experience you provide.

  4. I want to do what you do - This group is both precious and sensitive. They want more than the information; They want more time with you. Based on the individual’s maturity level, they can offend easily if they do not respect boundaries. They will support heavily at first, and once they receive what they feel they need to do what it is you do, they will move on. They are the star student; see them as such. They are supposed to move on. Don’t make the mistake of putting them in permanent positions because they are so good at doing what you do. Give them room to fly knowing few will return.

  5. I want to work with you - These are my favorites. HIRED HANDS. Yep! This group loves the vision and is willing to trade time for money to expand the vision. The boundaries are pretty clear; they have a job to do and, not only that, they love doing it! I work with women. They will go to the moon and back with me as long as I am respectful, clear on what’s expected (EVEN WHEN IT CHANGES), and value them. While this support sounds transactional only, it’s not. Relationship, trust and company culture can make or break a connection.

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