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The Ten Commandments of Social Media

Social Media has a lot of do’s and don’ts. When you know better, you will do better. I want to share ten social media commandments that you can apply to/for your accounts. Do an analysis to see where your platform stands.

Brand Ambassador & Social Media Strategist - Donna Moody
  1. Thou shalt have patience. Social Media can be a bit overwhelming, we all know. You have to give yourself time to learn and grow. Study your audience and see what is capturing their attention. Stop comparing yourself or your business with others. What is meant for you will be for you and no one else. Take risks and learn from your mistakes. It is a part of the journey and your platform will increase by one post at a time. Nothing happens overnight so stop getting uptight if you do not see things happen quickly. Remain consistent and time will bring about a change for your platform.

  2. Thou shalt remain classy. Remember that the world watches what you post. Once it is posted, you cannot remove it. There is a thing call screenshot, email to self, video, and blog. News travel fast so before you use your platform to post any and everything that you may not be proud of later, stop and evaluate your decision.

  3. Thou shalt upload Consistently. Don’t allow days go by and you do not post any content. You have to remember that to stay in the popular feeds, you have to keep content going. Consistency causes your page to be viewed more. Stop procrastinating, trying to find the right thing to post and post. You learn along the way what to do for your account.

  4. Thou shalt network. Stop being afraid of putting yourself out there. Connect with other like-minded, CEO Chicks and get a collaboration going. What are you afraid of? One tip I want to add is that, no one wants to network if you do not do #4 commandment. Post with purpose. It will work out for you in the long run.

  5. Thou shalt keep the same name on every platform. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find out who a person is with several different names. Most people will not take the time to write down several names. Keep it simple across the board. Choose one name for all social media handles and stick to it. It also makes it easier for others to find you.

  6. Thou shalt respond to comments. You are never too busy to comment to those who keep coins in your pocket. Everyone likes to feel special so make sure you take the time to acknowledge him or her. Remember to build that foundation with your following. They are the persons who work for you for FREE. FREE? Yes. They keep your page active every time they share, comment, subscribe, follow, mentioned, tagged, repost, and suggest to someone by word of mouth.

  7. Thou shalt Post Great Content. Rather you know it or not, people pay close attention to your page. It is like running a business. They want to find pages that have meat. Meat means to have content substance. Can they learn anything, is the information valuable, can they relate, is it worth sharing, can it change lives etc.… Remember to post with purpose because social media is powerful and you never know which way an opportunity may approach you. Stay ready.

  8. Thou shalt Develop Thick Skin. You have trolls that lurk and their main objective is to make people feel bad. They will write hurtful comments, spam your page, interrupt your LIVE, or create fake pages about you. You cannot get distracted by others. The enemy’s assignment is to keep you distracted so you cannot walk into your purpose. Develop thick skin and only address things that concern you. If those hurtful things are not you, don’t respond. Because you have built a community, those persons will jump in and take care of the comment without you having to worry about it. Stay focus and do what you are called to do.

  9. Thou shalt be honest. Money is not everything. In fact, FAVOR is much better. Opportunities can come in all directions on social media. Do not build a foundation of lies to add a couple of dollars to your bank accounts. Remember your “why” and do not get caught up how much money you can get from people. You will reap what you sow.

  10. Thou shalt create goals. If you have social media down pack, AWESOME! Guess what? There are so many ways to improve your platforms. Set weekly goals to make sure you follow through. Even if you have a large following, you can still get out of the loop easily by taking too many breaks. You can set goals of how you will post, how often you will post, how to enhance your picture quality, how many LIVES you will do a week, how many people you will connect with, how many days will you respond back to your followers, or how many videos will your create and edit. There are so many things you can add to your goal lists to make it easier every time you post.

These are the ten commandments that you can use when it comes to social media. You cannot do everything overnight but you can change the world one post at a time. You’ve got this, CEO Chick!


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