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The Power of Connectivity

During a session with a successful client who has done well with business and maintaining a healthy public image on television, I asked her to tell me about her target audience. With eloquence, confidence and exactness, she described the group she is called to impact. She described their age group, their general experiences, their general struggles, their corporate identity crises and need to find themselves and define themselves separate and apart from their counterparts. My client demonstrated her ability to connect with her audience through her deep understanding of who they are and what they represent. This places her in a position to create content and host events that hit the BULLSEYE of need every single time.

Some of us provide services that are created to meet the needs of a global market that may be too large to connect with. We may have consumers that we never see or talk to. However, whenever a person steps into a place of influence, the potential to impact a targeted group becomes more tangible and necessary to ensure that your success is used to be a blessing to others. We as CEOs are not only called to sell a service, we are called to IMPACT and DOMINATE.

Who are you called to impact? What do they look like? What are their needs? What are their roadblocks? What are their stories? If you put them all in a large room, what would be similar amongst them? What would be different? When you know these things about those you are called to impact, it leaves a wide open door to establish a CONNECTION with your audience and strengthen your platform.

Anyone can be MOTIVATIONAL, but it takes true understanding and ability to connect to be TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Here are some tips on establishing connectivity with your audience:

Make yourself available It is important to make it easy and streamlined for potential followers to find you and connect with you. How can they find you online and how can they find you in person? Make sure this process is obvious and user friendly. If your potential audience perceives you to be intangible, they will walk away from the impact your connection with them will cause. Become an expert Make every effort to ensure that you know who your followers really are. With that understanding, you will be able to be the answer they are looking for. It will direct you in the right path to creating content that they NEED to level up and achieve peak performance. They will feel understood and connected to your platform. These connections are like a consuming fire. Studying patterns for when and how your members connect with you will also assist you in developing systems that cater to the analyzed trends. Be Engaging While this can become a full time job, it is crucial to interact with your targeted audience in a fashion that is timely, consistent and deep. Use their first names during your interactions and communicate your appreciation for them while addressing any stated needs, direction or general commentary. Make it a point to mark important dates on your calendar and follow up with a quick message to ensure them you care. As stated before, some of our platforms may be too vast to manage this; however, systems can be created within your support and administrative teams to ensure you come as close to possible with these keys to connectivity. Be in the know A crucial part of connectivity is having systems in place to manage your reputation. Reputation management policies and procedures for your business are crucial. It will highlight the needs of your target in addition to met and unmet expectations. We cannot connect with people we are not able to meet the needs for. Connection is a manifestation of caring and caring is the act of meeting the needs of another party as a non-negotiable priority. Platforms that are built on genuine care and connection lay a foundation for great and prosperous business transactions. A common reason for business failures is the lack of connectivity with consumers. DO NOT LET THAT BE YOU. Not only can you truly impact your audience through connectivity, you can monetize those connections and create a strong business CULTURE that can be duplicated by others in your line of legacy. No matter, what CEO Chicks, GET AND STAY CONNECTED!

- Coach Schellie FanFan, Counselor, LMHC, MS, EdS


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