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Running Out of Content?

Are you having trouble finding content to keep your followers engaged?

Content for social media is the area where content marketing and social media business collide. Today I want to show you how you can build content and keep your followers’ attention to drive them to your business site to buy your product or service. These tools make creating a content strategy easy and will provide plenty of content to fill your calendar for weeks!

I hope your ready to take notes. The following MUST HAVE LIST is loaded with tools and methods you can utilize to create content for your social media platforms and most are FREE or very low cost!

Asana - This project management software/app is an easy way to manage team projects, work assignments, to do’s, and reminders. Consistent content generates revenue for your business and this tool is KEY!

Canva - Create beautiful flyers or spice up your photos by adding information that can drive traffic to your sites.

IMovie - Vlog (Video + Blog) about your business 60 seconds or less to gain views which drives traffic to your sites. After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online (Source: Hubspot)

Magisto - This is an app that will save you so much time. It is an editing app that will take your videos to the next level with special effects, music, and awesome graphics. This app does the work for you. You upload photos and videos and the app will create a professional video in minutes.

Contentblvd - is a marketplace that enables brands to uncover product placement opportunities in consumer content created on YouTube. A strategic partnership where your product can be seen can be VERY LUCRATIVE! Do your research but step out in a new way to market your brand with contentblvd.

Collaboration - As the holidays are approaching a collaboration with another business can be very beneficial. Cross marketing your product and offering giveaways can drive traffic to your sites while gaining new followers. Make at least a requirement for a company to visit your store and find an item.

User-generated content - Let your followers create content for you! User generated content (UGC) can be an easy way to explode your brand online. By creating a unique hashtag for your business and consistently using it can help differentiate and make your brand easily identifiable online. Encourage your customers to use this hashtag as they post product pics and videos and you get UGC to share on your platforms! Instant content without any effort on your part. You just re-post!

You now have 7 techniques to implement into your social media platforms to help create content. When you utilize these tools you will have consistent content to share with your followers and customers.

To see results online you have to do the following:

  1. Make a decision to follow through with the tools/information you have been given.

  2. Plan out your posts in advance.

  3. Execute & dominate!

The hardest part of this journey is getting started, so decide now to take that one step today and begin to dominate your social platforms! It only takes time and consistent effort. Work smarter and not harder. Use the free apps and resources given to eliminate stress and focus in on the management of your brand online. You’ve got this, use these tools and strategies to end your 2019 strong!

- Donna Moody, Social Media Coach


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