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Quarantined? Six Tips to Create a Bomb Home Office

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Define your space Mark your territory! That’s right you need a space that you can call your own! The ideal set up would be a designated room with a desk where you can shut the door and have privacy needed to focus and work. If that isn’t the case, try having a desk that is used for work only!

Decorate your office Whether traditional or chic and edgy, design your space with your creative flow in mind! Start off with good lighting, a comfortable chair, and a desk, everything else is free game!

Kill the noise If you are like me trying to focus with kids at home due to this Quarantine, headphones are the latest and greatest asset to my work flow kit. To keep your office quiet use you might need to keep your door closed and set working hours so your family knows you are unavailable. I love working to instrumental music, it helps me focus and tunes out any background noises.

Dress for success Sis, get out of those house clothes! Seriously, I know how easy it is to roll out of bed and keep throw on a robe and go to work, been there. Getting dressed for work is more mental than anything. It’s another way to set a boundary between your work life and home life. Lastly, you never know when you will be called into a zoom meeting, so stay ready, Sis!

Take brain breaks Don’t forget to take breaks! It’s super easy to get distracted household chores. Take a walk outside instead, get your daily dose of Vitamin D. This will help you reset and recharge!

Inspire yourself Surround your space with things that inspire you. It could be a stunning view, art work, family pictures, anything that brings you joy. I like to work by the window with a view of my pool. Select anything that stimulates your brain without causing distractions.

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