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Quarantine Wins of 2020

We asked our members to share some of their wins with us as we have all been grinding at home during the COVID-19 pandemic!

My wins during quarantine are remaining flexible with others while appreciating that EVERY PERSON is literally going through the same thing in a different way, yet not losing myself (I’m a people pleaser). I also launched my brand YourRXForLife on May 17th, 2020! It’s been a great experience witnessing my own ability to have needed conversations keeping an entrepreneurial mindset. #growth. Check out my website for all your stress and burnout prevention needs.

Ms. Glennae E. Davis, CEO, RX for Life, LLC

I’ve since launched my own YouTube channel, gaining 500 subscribers in 3 weeks and 1k views on my last two weight loss journey videos of how I lost 150 lbs! Through the CEO Chick network, I’ve realized that while quarantine has delayed my swimwear launch, I can still connect and reach new subscribers and potential customers by sharing my story. I’m so happy I did as it’s directly tied to the reason why I decided to design a swimwear line in the first place.

Mylitta Butler, Founder and CEO of MyLegkini Swimwear

2020 has been a challenging year. I can’t and won't overlook the challenges that have turned out to be wins! In a time when the country has been shut down due to the pandemic, and things looked as if they were out of control, I can say that God has been in control the entire time. My family is safe and healthy. Although I took a loss in business and ministry, God had a ram in the bush! I would like to thank God for the CEO CHICK NETWORK. I was able to take advantage of their teaching and resources and they were able to help me secure funding during COVID.

Shaterra Gandy, Founder of Stripping of Sheets and CEO of Heavenly Washes

My quarantine win story is quite different than most. I started my journey into real estate in October 2019. I started pursuing classes at night because I had a full time job as a Branch Manager and I was attending school for my Masters and thought real estate would be a nice financial stream along with I was already making. Little did I know God had bigger plans for me. November 14, 2019 I was let go from a job I had maintained for 14 years. I was devastated but my State exam for real estate was already scheduled for November 16, 2019. Although I was a little depressed I took the exam and I passed it, THE FIRST TIME! Fast forward… currently I am a licensed Realtor but still struggling to see God's’ hand because I received my license and then the pandemic hit. May 11, 2020 - I’m scrolling through Facebook at 6am and I see Medina Pullings with a beautiful young lady talking about CEO Chicks. Well, God arrested my attention and told me to enroll, which I did. Still not 100% sure why He had me join I attended a Zoom webinar on May 18, 2020 and Gods’ purpose began to become crystal clear to me. The overwhelming amount of support received from Coleen Otero and Jennifer Enders letting me know “I can do it” and “help is here” boosted my confidence to dominate from 0% to 1000%!!! I have already WON.

Kisha Terrelle, Realtor

My personal quarantine wins include the launch of my live virtual event “Reimagine” that is coming up on Saturday, June 6.

I am putting the finishing touches on an E-book I have written. Getting all of the ordering processes in place for its debut this week. I am grateful for all of the things I’m learning in the network! Thanks to all of the Coaches and the entire team!

Regina Rogers, Founder and CEO of Shine Events

Let me start by saying that what catapulted me was my coaching with Coach Jenn prior to the holiday season. Those meetings set the tone for me! Then listening as often as I can, to the calls and the motivation I had to just take a leap and I did just that. I sent a few products to Tabitha Brown, a major influencer and in 24 hours got over 120 orders. All orders done and processed within 7 days. Why? I had the tools, the strength, the faith and the backing of some amazing women!

Kara Young, Founder and CEO of PS101 Soy Candles


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