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Quarantine Activities to Keep You Sane

Even though I am accustomed to working from home (WFH) the quarantine restrictions on travel has really started to get to me.

I know many of you may not be used to the WFH lifestyle which mayhave you struggling to stay sane. Between working with Brand Clients, creating content for my CEO Chick Network, homeschooling my boys and watching reruns of Everybody Hates Chris, I am constantly looking for something new to add to my day other than making plans to walk to the mailbox!

The minute my team and I heard that lockdowns were inevitable we began to create more opportunities to bring our tribe together online. From creating free courses to help them grow their online platforms, to providing current COVID-19 Relief information. I gathered a few resources to help you get through this time, check out a few below.

Mental Health

Take the necessary time to focus on your mental health! We need to make sure we are doing what we need to in order to stay sane while maintaining our distance from others!

  • Prayer and meditation - Focusing on feeding my faith and strengthening my relationship with Christ has been instrumental to maintaining peace. Declaring the word of God over my life and the lives of those connected to me is a part of my daily spiritual life. Here is a prayer call for your business to enjoy.

  • Learn from a psychotherapist - Watch our recent free class with Mental Wellness Coach Schellie Fanfan. Depression and anxiety don’t always show themselves how we think they would. So take the time and learn about how you can prevent this or help someone you care about.

  • REST - I remember being in Europe last year for a week and in several conversations with the locals they laughed and said, “that’s not a vacation.” They often joked about the American lifestyle and the lack of quality time for family, friends and pure enjoyment of life. Being a workaholic, I have to give myself mental talks. “It’s okay to take a break now… don’t touch your laptop… it can wait til Monday.” Take some of this time to simply just rest.


We know some of you might’ve been paying for a gym membership and can’t go because gyms are closed. Which is good since we should be staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However we’ve compiled a list of some things you can do to stay fit!

  • Go outside - Go for a walk or run! Although we have been asked to stay indoors it is okay if you still exercise outside, just remember to keep a safe distance of 6 feet from anyone else. We should respect others too!

  • Join an exercise app - This will ensure that you have accountability with a platform that streams live and on-demand workouts, like ClassPass!

  • TikTok - If you’re looking to learn fun dances in under 60 seconds, this app is the one to look at. With comedy, beauty, and dancing all in one this app will have you moving all day!

Stay in Touch

We know your probably spending time away from your loved ones and your friends, so why not stay in touch virtually! With all of the advancement with technology there are so many ways to do this.

  • Zoom - Learn how to start your own Zoom account, do a live video chat, watch movies, talk with more than 10 people and more! It’s easy and free to start.

  • YouTube - Head over to YouTube and start a channel about one of your passions that you want to share with the world!

Skills and Knowledge

Spending countless hours at home means having plenty of time to pick up a new skill or learn something new.

  • Learn a new language - Duolingo is an app that allows you to learn from over 20 different languages for free!

  • Start a business - Is there something you’ve always been passionate about? Check out some of our FREE classes on how you can start building a brand today!

Let us know if you decide to use any of our recommendations for pass time during this quarantine. Looking forward to hearing some of the different things you are doing to remain at peace. Be encouraged!


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