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Push Past the Pain

To develop a muscle, one must engage in resistance (e.g. weights) to cause blood to rush to those activated muscles; hence, causing the muscle to develop while simultaneously burning fat. To develop stamina, we must push our bodies WAY past its resting point in a frequent and routine fashion to build endurance. To burn calories, we must get our heart rates to a point where we are breathing harder than usual, pushing harder than usual, sweating more than usual and engaging our muscles more than usual.

Persevering over resistance promotes health. The best decisions in life are the ones that are the hardest to make. Those decisions that cause us to leave comfortable places even when they are toxic for us. Those decisions that lead us to feel lonely. Those decisions that cause us to feel that we are pressing the RESTART button on our lives. Those decisions that cause us to feel that those against us WON. Those decisions that cause us to sacrifice what we want and desire for what it is we NEED.

Persevering over challenges promotes WEALTH. Anything that surpasses our comfort level causes us pain. Pain begins when comfort is disrupted and this is a very important concept to understand and embrace. Emotional intelligence begins at that point where we truly understand the importance of PUSHING PAST PAIN (e.g. P3). There is a purpose for us in every single challenge that we face. We cannot escape nor avoid the discomfort and expect to receive all that we are destined for in our personal and professional lives. WELLNESS REQUIRES YOU TO PUSH PAST PAIN.

So in this last half of 2019, let us all encourage each other to aggressively and boldly P3 our way to the top. Let us make those uncomfortable but necessary decisions. Let us walk away from those relationships that pollute our space. Let us change our relationship with the food that we eat and modify how we honor our bodies. Let us have those uncomfortable conversations with others and be the first to honor our value to the world. We can all PUSH PAST PAIN and develop a tolerance and appreciation for being uncomfortable.

THIS IS OUR YEAR and we have every tool and weapon to see desired outcomes flow in our lives. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Amazing things fast on the heels of more amazing things; everywhere we look, BLESSINGS! There is a place for your purpose. You don’t have to compete for it. You don’t have to out bid for it. You don’t have to back bite for it. But you have to P3 for it... PUSH PAST PAIN! THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOUR PURPOSE so walk BOLDLY in the path that has been prepared for you. It is our P3 year CEO Chicks! Let’s DO IT!

CEO Chick Coach Schellie Fanfan Counselor, LMHC, MS, EdS


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