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Mattress Money

I don’t know about you, but I remember growing up, and my mom, though she worked in a bank, stressed the importance of having cash on hand. This time in quarantine has me in such a place of reflection, researching and praying!

Mattress money had me thinking of the great things that can be done with little. What would you do with your last $500, $200, whatever… I truly believe our “limitations” are a breeding ground for creativity. What if I told you your next big idea is happening right now? Within your current business, or maybe it’s a new venture all together. During this time, we should be reflecting on the areas we can improve, we can adjust and/or change to fit our forever changing world.

What is in your hand? Don’t focus on what you do not have, pay attention to what you do have. Put your little to work. Here are some small things you can do online to continue to see your business move forward.

Prior to starting I want you to make note of your current following, your current engagement of sales, downloads, previous participation and then TRACK IT. Ok!

So here we go:

  • Create a space in your home to go live in, make sure it is well lit (facing natural light or a ring light)

  • Go live daily for 15 minutes and talk to your followers, simply get to know them.

  • Set up a free account on Zoom and offer your first free or low fee class (See our YouTube channel on how to set up a zoom)

  • Purchase a Canva Account and begin creating content for your pages (share your expertise with info graphics, create tip sheets for downloads and more…CREATE!)

  • Collaborate! Do lives with other influencers that have the same following you may have or greater (Look for engagement on their pages, not just likes)

Give these a try. I want you to work it like its your last chance to save your business and brand. Be sure to let me know how it goes. Be consistent with whatever schedule you set and HAVE FUN! #LETSBUILD


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