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Just Drown Out the Noise

I’ve found myself writing so much lately, I love it! I am sure most of you can tell I am no English major, but the teacher in me tries my best to get my point across. This morning I felt led to share this random email to see how you were doing. With so much going on in the world it is so easy to get tunnel vision and enter into self preservation mode.

In my meditation time I find myself thinking about how precious time is, and how much we need to use it wisely. Living life out of fear and in faith. Focusing on the people, places and things that don't just bring us joy, but challenges us to mature in wisdom and love. I have several daily confessions, "God is my protector, I walk in wisdom, grace and favor!" I say it regularly under my breath when I feel fearful about a decision, when I have to speak (I prefer to be heard and not seen), or when I feel unqualified. The other day while at work with a brand client on her book launch, who is extremely educated, she made a comment.

She said, "Coleen what college did you go to? I know you went somewhere great!" I replied, "I went to the college of Crazy Knowledge! I went to Entrepreneur University!" After I laughed I told her more about my journey, that I entered into entrepreneurship right after High School. It pissed my family off because I was an A-student, excellent communicator and college was preferred. You can't help but feel like you missed out on something when the majority of the world says college is your next step, but I chose a trade. Honestly ten or fifteen years ago that conversation with my brand client would have totally offended me due to my insecurities in this area. Thank God for the process! Had I not gone down this path I may not be in the position to support women in business the way I do today! Twenty plus years in the beauty industry, I learned so much. I gained insight on people, especially women. I saw myself in my clients and the reverse was true.

Give me a look that says, "I am confident and full of self-worth even though I am struggling to feel like it!" Those were the words in my head...

Do you know what most of the beautiful women did when they sat in my chair? Please note, I was not one of those stylists that turned my clients away from the mirror when I did their hair. NOPE! We faced the mirror. Many of them would only point out their flaws! With ears sharper than the razor in my hands, I began to share their best features. I did hair styles that would compliment their eyes, profile, or even their neck. I created custom colors that flattered their skin tones, even eye glasses! I had black women, white women, stay at home mothers, pastors, politicians, authors, you name it!


When clients left my chair they would come back and share how they slayed on stage, landed the promotion, or even how the sparks were flying again in their marriage. Isn't that something? By the end of my career making $1,000 a day was the norm! I made more than many of my peers who were in debt up to their eye balls in student loans. Ugh! Needless to say my family is so happy now that I went with my passion! Look, I don't know who this is for, or why I felt so strong about sharing today. At the end of the day, obey God! Drown out the noise, seek wisdom and walk in love. Love is not just a feeling, or goosebumps or lust, it is the ability to commit to being responsible for yourself and others. It's having the discipline to make daily decisions that get you closer to your goals. It's pouring into those around you, not just with word play but with kind deeds.

Love lifts, edifies, and empowers. Wisdom provides clarity and instructions... lean into it, be it, breathe it, let it leak from your pores!

Trust me, this is not about getting it right every time, but it is about consistently aiming for it! This life is all you got, make it count! From the bedroom (meaning in times when the world doesn't see you), to the boardroom! Make it count!

Okay, that's all for now. Be encouraged and know I am praying for you!


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