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How I Built a 6-Figure Business

For many that have followed my journey, you know I successfully transitioned from a full time stylist in 2018 and became a full time speaker, coach and brand curator. The same principles I applied in my first business is what has allowed me to build yet another six-figure practice. These are the same strategies I use to help my clients implement to achieve success.

You may be just like my client, Toya Sheffield, founder of Purple Angels. Toya followed me for 2 YEARS! She joined my email lists and applied all the nuggets herself, with some success. Ultimately she signed up as a brand client, ready to accelerate her brand and see greater success in her business! I can't wait to work with you too!

Let’s dive in…

Look the part - Customers love it when you look good! They want someone who they can feel proud to recommend! You should look and smell good! Have your hair and makeup presentable at all times, it doesn't have to look like you just stepped out of a salon, but... you get it!

Quality service - You must master your craft! Whatever you do, don't just do it well or good, BE the best! Your confidence in your work will translate in your mannerisms. Your customers can tell whether or not you are comfortable with completing so be bold and confident! When growing a team, SET THE STANDARD and make it a non-negotiable.

Be a great listener - Customers need to be heard and understood. Their time is precious, so it's important that you listen & learn quickly! Pay attention to their behavior, what they watch, what they are willing to pay for and what problems you can help them solve.

Pamper your client - Many may think in order to pamper their clients they must always give them gifts or provide discounts. This is helpful, but, in my 20+ years of experience, I've found that VIP clients simply want MY UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. So personalize your correspondence, call them by name, give them exclusive access to sales before the general public... it's the little things they love.

Be detail-oriented - Think ahead and always take notes of any changes. The details MATTER! It is okay to over communicate.

A professional environment - Create a clean, peaceful, comfortable and PRIVATE work space. This tip is pretty self-explanatory; you must set the right atmosphere for your customers both off and online.

Client education - Be the expert. Always recommend products and services for your customers. Let them know how you can serve them better.

Follow-up messaging and surveys - Last but not least check in on your customers periodically to see how they're doing. Always be open to hearing feedback from your clients. Whether it's positive or constructive, pay attention. Your client's feedback can help you identify areas of improvement which can help you in growing your business.

There you have it! The key to building a 6 figure business is doing the little things well and doing them consistently. Treat every client like a VIP. My motto is "everyone deserves to be treated like a star". I see some people make the mistake of treating some customers good and some clients great! You must practice hitting the mark at all times. This can be achieved by providing five-star treatment to all of your clients. Trust me! This will set you apart from many others in your industry!


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