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Holiday Focus on Family

Often in coaching sessions I ask my clients to evaluate their values in reference to how they manage their schedules and businesses. Inevitably, at the top of that values list, their FAMILY ranks as one of the most important to them. As we discuss this value, I come to find many are disappointed with how they are effectively growing, nurturing and satisfying the needs of their families on a day to day basis.

The truth of the matter is that it is hard work to be a wife, mother and a CEO. Every day you wear many hats and at times it can be downright overwhelming, to say the least, wearing a few simultaneously and honestly not remembering to put one on daily can happen to the best of us. For example, being laser focused as a CEO and not remembering dinner as a MOM, or getting WIFE right today with a fab date night and forgetting to make that client call as a CEO. We’ve all been there.

I’ve found that there are 3 simple practices you can begin to implement and once done consistently over time it will become a habit and your family will flourish for it! Just like anything that is important to you, I suggest you SCHEDULE IT IN. Put it in your calendar and set a reminder to ensure you check it off that to do list.

Spend quality and quantity time together: “Off the grid” time is the best way to tap back into your family. Too often you see a family sitting at the table at a restaurant all on tablets or cell phones, having no conversation or engagement with each other. Schedule in “Off the Grid” family time every week! 1 hour minimum at home, enjoying time reading, talking, snacking or even playing games. This uninterrupted quality time is a great way to reconnect, on purpose, with fun in mind! During the week getting in a good QUANTITY of time can be challenging, but setting routines is a simple way to ensure the intimate time is given in plenty. Daily making meals together, sitting for meals, clearing the table, working on homework or setting out clothes for the next day adds up! Each of these tasks alone may only be 5-10 minutes but when combined it creates a presence of you being “all in” daily and it is life changing for your family. Begin now to pencil these into your calendar as a quick reminder.

Make memories together: Sit down now and look at your calendar for the coming month. Simply note at least 1 event/project/moment a week that you can create memories for your family. Big or small you can make something great out of any moment. Here’s a few to pencil in for next month:

  1. Farmers Market Fun on a Saturday morning

  2. Surprise ice cream at your favorite spot after dinner.

  3. Build a blanket fort in the house and enjoy reading time together.

  4. Movie time with your teens on a Friday night.

  5. Dinner outdoors in your backyard or at a park.

  6. Late night massage for the Mr. after kids are in bed.

  7. Google for an easy craft project for kids this weekend.

  8. Buy the families favorite meal/dessert and make it together.

  9. Visit the library as a family and check out a new book for each person.

  10. Find a local charity to volunteer at as a family for 1 hour this month.

  11. Surprise! A creative date night and do something NEW!

  12. Dinner out at a new restaurant.

Build friendships with family: As you grow your children into young men and women, one of the best gifts we can give them is the ability to learn to relate to others. This is best modeled by us as parents, so finding families you can begin to build friendships with is a perfect way to do so. Interacting regularly with other families allows your children to learn how to interact and communicate with children of different ages and adults from other families. Their ability to engage in conversation, ask questions, resolve conflict and have fun builds confidence and communication skills that are crucial for their success. I encourage you to schedule ‘family date nights’ with at least 2 different families in the coming month. Start small with meeting at a park for play time and bring light snacks and drinks to extend the stay, if all is going well! For older kids, plan pizza night out or even a potluck dinner at your home. This time, though intended to help grow your kids, gives parents a great opportunity to have fun and support each other too!

CEO Chicks, share in our Facebook group. Send pics with the hashtag #CEOCHICKFAMILY so we can all enjoy seeing you flourish with your family. Leave comments below as well and share ideas that you have for this month’s focus on the family.


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