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Get Featured: Meet Patricia Tanner

Meet CEO of Multhai International Group, Patricia Tanner

Tell us how you got into entrepreneurship.

In August 2015, my Boss passed away. I was employed in corporate America running several different companies making six figures. When he passed away, I couldn't find myself working for another employer. I pursued my Real Estate Broker license although at the time I was only licensed for a year and a half. After meeting the requirements of the Florida State Licensing test, I passed the Broker Exam and immediately opened Multhai International Realty. It was in that capacity that this was just the stepping stone to my success today.

What’s one of the greatest accomplishments you have achieved in your business and what was key to seeing this success?

My greatest accomplishment was landing my very first listing, a million-dollar listing with no real estate sales experience. As a result of my marketing efforts, this experience was the key ingredient to more million-dollar listings.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years I see myself greater than the last 3-5 years. I will be making new decisions and creating systems that will make my businesses work smarter and not harder. I will continue to surround myself with people who are striving and thriving. I see myself finding more balance in my life and drowning myself in a team of individuals who are smarter than me and that can push me to the next level. I see my spiritual relationship with God growing stronger and stronger.

What do you love most about being a CEO Chick?

I love that I am surrounded by individuals that are supporting me to succeed as an entrepreneur. I feel like I am on a team of individuals that are not one another's competition but their ultimate goal is to help and inspire others to reach their greatest potential.

Who inspires you?

I inspire myself. I have no one to look up to. I always look for other business ventures or elevate myself by educating myself to get to the next level. First and foremost, I believe that Jesus Christ.

What is your favorite book/podcast you recommend to our CEO Chicks?

My favorite book is my book, "30 Days of Grieving". My testimony was an inspiration given by God. My favorite podcast is mine called "Office Bosses". This podcast consists of a group of entrepreneurs in one office speaking about daily life controversial issues and our goal is to find solutions to help the listening ears.

What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice is to get with a team of individuals who have succeeded to get them to the next level.

How can people connect with you and your products/services?

They can visit my website or reach out to me on social media!

How can people connect with you and your products/services?


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