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Finding Your Sweet Spot

We’re halfway through the year! Can you believe it?! Usually I would say the time flew by, but 2021 has not! I have not been too comfortable going out in public, while I have traveled a bit, I still do not go out regularly. Running my business from home kicked off with a bang in 2020 but as we crossed over into the new year it gradually declined.

For those of you who may or may not know my business has several components to it. One is B2C Subscription Model (digital courses) and the other B2B Service Model (branding and marketing services). So like many businesses who hit some road blocks during the pandemic, we have had to pivot constantly!

If anything the hunt was on to find my sweet spot yet again!

In 2016 I hosted our first live event and launched our membership model in August of that year. Ever since then we have been evolving. We went from one membership level, to three levels, back to one, and we’re always perfecting our customer experience.

Every change was an attempt to put us closer to our sweet spot.

What is your sweet spot? Where is it? Can you speed it up? How long will it take to locate? These are all questions you may be asking as you are reading this. Your sweet spot is the place where your product/service, your story and what's in demand or trending collide.

While much of it is within your control, there is a piece of the equation that is not. What is that, you may ask? Let's dive in.

The three key components are as follows:

  • Your Story - This is a focus on your journey, and it sheds light on the history and origin of your company. This is where people connect to your why. For many, entrepreneurship was unintentional. It came as the result of a passion or problem. I encourage you to sit and pull apart your very own story. Check out my book Brand To Bucks where I break down the way to hone in on your story to connect to your audience.

  • Your Products/Services - This is a focus on both your craft and customers. There is a time in your brand cycle where you will have to fine tune your product/service to fit your ideal clients needs. Some brands are able to do this sooner than others. We must be willing to look at our customers behavior and connect with their needs as soon as possible.

  • What's In Demand/Trending - This is when you are positioned to take advantage of exterior trends in media. It is when all the stars align and the thing that you provide in the market place is needed the most! According to CNN brands like Peloton and Zoom saw major growth during the pandemic. Many businesses that have been around for years become “an overnight success” when the market demands their product/services. Let me also add, this is where most businesses invest, billions of marketing dollars go out annually to create a demand.

Take the time to perfect #1 and #2 as best you can and be ready to leverage #3 when the time comes! If you are anything like me, continue to set intention over your life and business.

A part of my daily devotion is to declare, “There is a need and a demand for my business in the marketplace.”

Give it shot! So much of running a successful business is centered around leadership development, and self growth. Owning and operating a business is no easy feat, finding our sweet spot is a constant challenge. It is one, I believe, you have to be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for.

In the words of Nipsey Hustle…THE MARATHON CONTINUES!


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