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Black Owned Businesses to Support

Being a black woman with four sons in America these past few months has hit its peak of exhaustion. I have tossed and turned at night like many, shed random tears of disbelief, prayed and used my platform for awareness. As if Covid-19 was not enough to deal with, we are now facing racist cops! Sad to say, it is nothing new to most minorities but now the world is witnessing the black experience in America.

In March, just before the stay at home order, I hosted our Dominate Business Bootcamp for women. This event was curated to bring women in business together to learn how to take their revenue to the next level. My facilitators were all 6 & 7 figure minority women who have overcome the odds and beat the statistics that show black women’s business income only averages $65.8k and was a decline from the year prior, while our non minority counterparts income jumped to average earnings of $218.8K in that same period. (AMEX Business Report)

So you see, black women-owned businesses were already struggling prior to this pandemic and protests.

As we continue to support the #BlackLivesMatter conversation we need you to shop from black-owned businesses—not just today, but every day. I have created a list of businesses to support and will be adding to it the entire month, so check back regularly for updates. Here is a great place to start!

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)


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