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A Time to Build

I know 2020 has been a heck of a year. Full of some pleasant and not so pleasant surprises. I am so grateful to announce it’s been more good than bad for me! Due to our organizations digital membership model we have seen record breaking numbers and our growth has been mind blowing. We have increased staffing and are excited for Q4!

With that being said there were challenges, which let me know it was time to resurrect this old blog. From finding the right team members, to appointing the right leaders and coaches. Who we hire and fire can make or break our organization!

A time to build is one of our top reads for the simple fact that it helps you to take an assessment of your team. Nothing is more frustrating than a visionary with a lazy team. Mentally lazy, physically lazy...the place where excellence takes a back seat. All these dreams without execution can quickly lead to a living nightmare.

I hope you get something out of it! Enjoy!

Wow we made it through yet another year!!! 2018 was not for the faint at heart, so many hard trials and tests for many in my circle. It was also one full of divine connections and new relationships. There was so much that seemed to be lost but I know it was simply lessons.

At the top of every year I give a summation of what I believe God wants me to share with my tribe, mentees, family and friends. To recap at the top of 2018 he gave us the 4 M’s, which were so powerful that I incorporated them in the revisions of my Brand To Bucks book. They were:

  • Magnetism – Ability to attract your customers

  • Money flow – Ability to fund your vision

  • Man power – Ability to build a team for your vision and discern divine connections

  • Mental strength – Ability to mentally handle stress and success

This M-Factor is what we all need to consider before embarking on our entrepreneurial journeys. The Brand to Bucks book is full of how to’s, check lists, and thought provoking questions all designed to help us build! With that being said that is exactly what I believe 2019 will be about…

A time to build!

All the information we have acquired from coaching sessions, courses we invested in, events we have attended, are ready to be put to use. For some of us it’s for a second, third or tenth time within our current businesses and for others for the first time in a totally new venture. There is no way we can see change in our lives and communities if we do not continue to build.

Dreaming costs nothing but building will cost you EVERYTHING! If you are not feeling the pressure or the pain that comes from building you are still merely dreaming! There are several things every visionary needs around them but it starts with a builder. Someone who can understand your vision and help you execute to bring it into reality! Identifying your builders can be a great point of frustration for many visionaries but it is the very thing that will hinder your next level of manifestation within your business and life if not discovered.

I have continued to build 6-figure income businesses consistently because of several reasons, but most important being a prayer life! God is a strategist, a master builder so it’s safe to say I have learned from the best. He continues to put me in tough situations where I am forced to learn to trust the principles He wanted me to understand and then turn around a teach others.

In the scriptures we can pull from many stories of men that were great at building out their God given visions (Ex 31: 1-3) and those that were flat out destructive and did things that were counter-productive to God’s plans and visions. The reward was either blessings or curses based on their obedience.

The ability to build was so important to God that even in the life of Jesus, who was born with all wisdom, grace and power, He too had to undergo great training before He could walk into the fullness of His purpose. There was a moment in his teenage life where his knowledge and revelation of the scriptures far outweighed his emotional maturity and timing. In fact, after being rebuked for running off to the synagogue without his parents awareness we no longer hear anything further about His life until He is older and known not as the Christ but the Carpenter.

The young man that was born to the Virgin Mary, was the person that used His hands to build homes, furniture and fixtures. I imagine He was all so familiar with various tree barks, diverse materials, metals and nails… God saw it best suitable for Jesus to first learn how to fix inanimate objects that brought normalcy and comfort to people before taking on the task of fixing their lives! He became familiar with families as He worked in their homes, I am sure He knew all the tea! He grew in compassion as He saw the issues people would face on a day to day basis. The things He may not have had exposure to had He remained confined to the synagogues became the fuel to the fire that was already in Him.

God often times provides us with temporal tasks and purpose producing practices to teach us ancient and eternal principles. Jesus had to learn to build a business before He could build a ministry!

The truth is anyone can consult but very few know how to construct. Once the time came for Jesus to lay down His “solopreneur” career He needed a team. There were things His long yet temporary career taught Him about people and their character. He immediately looked for men that were a fit for His new assignment. He not only chose them but they chose Him!

Over the last 20 years of building I have come to realize there are 5 people you can never build with successfully:

  1. You cannot build with someone that wants your position. Secure individuals are stable and content with themselves. These individuals will always look for a way to compliment you verses compete with you. They will always select positions that are mutually beneficial in more than one way. They see the value in positions that provide self -development, quality relationships, wisdom and financial increase. Insecure people covet your position and will get close to you merely to replace you. They will look to duplicate some of your mannerisms, characteristics to draw attention to themselves to try to prove to those in the team that they are better than you. They live in a constant state of comparison, they are tormented by thoughts of who or what they are not, verses falling in love with who they are.

  2. You cannot build with someone that is not skilled and trained. When natural talent is met with training, a master is born. Look for people that are gifted yet disciplined enough to undergo a time of study and development. These individuals “never arrive” but are always looking to improve.

  3. You cannot build with someone who lacks integrity and wisdom. Transparency and truth allow for proper adjustments and growth. When someone moves in deceit and manipulation, it will always bring confusion and drama. Building is hard enough when done in the light, imagine building in the dark, it is impossible.

  4. You cannot build with someone who is lazy, pessimistic and emotionally unstable. These individuals will shoot down ideas before they are even mentioned. They fear the unknown and hate doing anything that takes them out of their comfort zone. Change is their nemesis and they are only comfortable with what they can control. These individuals are cancerous to the team and look to join forces with those that can be convinced during a time of weakness to agree with them. The best way to handle this individual is accountability, create an environment that is solution based. Where if there is a just complaint or issue, they are expected to research and provide solutions.

  5. You cannot build with someone who doesn’t understand “it takes a team”. We cannot build alone. Look for individuals that thrive in team settings. They see the value in the maintenance crew, in the mail clerk, the receptionist, etc. They understand inter-dependence will bring greater results. This individual will have more patience and take the time to understand their teammates perspective and gain insight on what motivates he/she. This individual makes a great leader verses a manager. They will not only maintain systems created by the visionary but they will understand how to build on them. He or she has a keen eye on how to pair tasks with the persons that will bring impactful results beneficial for the individual, the team and the company as a whole.

Take your time… look for your builders and keep in mind those laws of attraction. Work on the builder in YOU! As you expand your capacity to build, you will learn what it takes and begin to clearly understand what your vision needs. As you build it they will come!

Build wisely. 2019 is our time to build, CEO Chicks!

Coleen Otero


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