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We are so excited to step out and try something new as it pertains to our merchandise. So many have asked us for more than hats and tees! Trust me it’s always been the goal to provide our customers with quality products.

Pre-ordering allows us, as a small business, to fill the need without sitting on unnecessary inventory. This however also means it will take a longer period to arrive at your doorstep. But we assure you it is on its way!

You will be updated and notified as the merchandise is shipped.

Your support means the world to us!

Thank you!

The CEO Chick Team


*Please note our Tan Jogger Set will come without a hood. Different from the product image*

CEO Chick Jogger Set

$99.00 Regular Price
$84.15Sale Price
    • 51% Cotton
    • 41% Polyester
    • 8% Viscose
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