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You Were Born to Dominate

Let me ask you a few questions and please take a moment to pause and reflect.

  • What does dominating mean to you?

  • What does it look like to you?

  • Can you see yourself being the plug, the game changer, and thought leader in your industry?

  • How does your family play a role?

  • What does your relationships look like, in your domination zone? Do you see it?

As a serial entrepreneur it is so important that I keep the vision of all that I have my hands in before me. In order to dominate in the market place it will take the right people, the right leadership, the right timing and clarity of vision for it come to pass. When you are looking for longevity in business, culture and communication are key.

For me, dominating in the area of professional growth is directly connected to:

  • Servant leadership – Not only am I here to serve customers but my team. It is my job to help them thrive. That is providing space for their input and feedback, giving them the tools and training needed to help them grow, giving constructive criticism as well as praising them for a job well done.

  • Vision mapping – There is a constant measuring of goals, action plans, sales funnels, marketing etc … For my team we have several standing meetings every week to focus on each area. As a visionary I break it down into 4 Quadrants.

    • Tactical – Our strategic approach to the goals we want to hit, both back end and front facing…

    • Leadership and culture – Simply put this is constant focus on our company standards, language, processes, etc. Our overall DNA! For CEO Chicks, we Collaborate, Create and Dominate! For my YourBeautyXpert company our focus is Beauty, Branding and Business! These are not just clichés or cute sayings, it is the fabric of the organization. It speaks to the function and purpose, it brings clarity, direction and alignment.

    • Business drivers – What makes us money! This is a sober look at what directly makes our company profitable. The cash generating products and services vary in ROI (Return On Investment).

    • The brand's aspirations and social responsibilities – This is a focus on where we are going and how we impact the lives of our community along the way. Our non-profit efforts, our partnerships, etc …

M-FACTOR – For those that read my book Brand To Bucks you know exactly what I am talking about. The M-Factor is yet another constant barometer for me when it pertains to my businesses. Here is the breakdown

  • Magnetism – Attraction marketing, the ability to drawn the masses to your products and services.

  • Man power – The ability to build the a team that is sold out to the cause and vision. They not only get the vision but they embody it. They in turn become walking billboards for your organization, they are both cheerleaders and champions!

  • Money – The financial muscle needed to push the vision forward, this is pretty self-explanatory.

  • Mental strength – The ability to manage the stress that comes from growth, failure and success. Visionaries are futuristic, they live in the future, they see things that have yet to materialize, and they have the arduous task of communicating their vision to a people who have not shared their visual experiences. Visionaries are often misunderstood, not heard, and dismissed. Mental toughness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual fortitude is required, it plays a major role in our success.

I want you to take the information in this blog and meditate on it, assess yourself and your team. Set short, intermediate, and long term goals using this information. I want you to take complete responsibility for everything that happens in your business and personal space. OWN IT! TAKE DOMINION! Exercise your authority and feminine power to get it done.


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