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She Needed a Therapist, Not a Coach

Do you know the difference between a coach, a therapist, and a mentor?

If you speak to any successful entrepreneur you will quickly realize none of them lack an accountability partner(s). Whether it is someone in their career field, a family relative they admire, or someone they hired to provide them with insight in a particular area. In order to succeed we need to be a Master Student! We need to have wise council, someone that will continually keep us accountable.

There are times in coaching someone, on business, we hit some barriers that are self imposed. When faced with those circumstances, I find myself reaching out for a therapist within my network to assist. There is a major difference between a Coach, Therapist, and Mentor. I personally have all three present in my life! So I decided to share what my experience has taught me about each of these roles. It is so important to understand the difference between them to know what to expect and how to properly engage when in these relationships. Here is my break down of the three:

A COACH is action oriented, they will provide tips and strategies to help you move forward in your business and life. Coaches don’t just inspire you, they educate you, they provide the tools necessary for you to move into your future. The task they often provide applies both mental and physical pressure and discomfort to bring about change and growth. A great coach tailors his/her advice based on the needs of their clients. Coaches are typically hired at an hourly rate, their focus is to see you hit specific goals agreed upon based on their assessment of your overall abilities and commitment to the regimen they set for you.

A MENTOR will shed light on how you can grow and improve professionally and personally. A mentor differs from a coach because they tend to be in the same field as you, they represent the “future version” of yourself. Mentors will provide you with wisdom, connections, resources, and more because they see your potential. They tend to give their time when deemed valuable, and while mentors are not paid, they should be honored and respected.

A THERAPIST whether physical or psychological, sits in the role of a healer. They rehabilitate, they help restore, they will travel with you through past hurts and pain all to help you work out the kinks. Massage Therapists do this physically and Mental Therapists do it psychologically. In this relationship you will probably do the most talking. Therapist have a way of walking and talking you thru the solutions to the barriers and problems you feel you have. They help move you from victim to victor through self awareness and the power of decision making. Owning your life, your outcomes, and enjoying the journey! Like a coach the role of a therapist is also paid by the hour, and like all the others their assessments should be taken serious.

Now that you have a better understanding of each of these roles you can determine which one you need. Understanding helps to remove any false expectations some may have for any of these professional relationships. My coach, mentor, and therapists are just that, while they are friendly they are not my best friends. I safe guard these relationships in my life by not allowing myself to grow familiar with them. There is a respect level required to maintain the value in these relationships.

Far too often I see people hiring a coach and expecting them to be their “bestie,” it is some what strange. I don’t hire my doctor and then expect him to be at all my functions and family affairs. I don’t text him in the late night hours or constantly DM him because I can! I blame social media. While we may encounter some of these relationships through Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, it should not cause us to devalue them. The reverse is also true, the person in the role of the professional should respect healthy boundaries also. It is necessary for both parties in the relationship.

I’ve seen it all - women with big dreams and little work ethic, as well as women with small dreams and great work ethic. I’ve sat with wounded women, they were offended at everyone, and everything, constantly the victim. Blinded by past hurts they could not move forward in business, because they would quit at every sign of adversity, confrontation and/or hardship. They needed therapy not a coach. For this cause, I added a Licensed Mental Therapist to our staff.

There are so many stories I could tell of where I mishandled relationships and where I have been mishandled, not maliciously but simply due to a lack of understanding. It’s all a part of my learning curve and preparation for my life’s assignment, which is to train and coach women in business. CEO Chicks is designed to build female entrepreneurs, to equip them with the tools needed to be successful. Regardless of your path, select your team of coaches, mentors, and therapist wisely. Do your due diligence, research, look for receipts of their work and remember to be patient with your process.

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