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Building Your Next Campaign

How much thought do you put into messaging? How do you leave an impression on your potential buyers? What is your plan for your next marketing funnel? Are you using catch phrases and slogans to draw customers?

Our network kicked off the year with this 50 minute class taught by our founder, Coleen Otero will help you gain more understanding on how you and your team can:

  • Develop your next campaign theme

  • Create messaging that customers remember

  • Scratch the surface on deeper communication and connection

Branding & Business

A three (3) part series from our annual 90 Days to Dominate eCourse led by our founder, author and coach, Coleen Otero on Branding and Business helped students gain applicable steps in their business. Part two featured guest Tamika Gibson founder of Millionaire Beauty Brand Hair Diagram discussing how she became the Mogul she is today.

  • Understand Branding

  • Create A Brand that makes Sense and Cents

  • Discover your Brand ID

  • Gain Tips on Marketing & Tools

  • Dive into your Business Structure

The Mindset For Millions

A three (3) part series from our annual 90 Days to Dominate eCourse. Join Coach Jennifer Enders and her guests Multi Millionaire Denise Lee and Mental Wellness Coach Schellie Fan Fan. You will learn:

  • Leadership Principles

  • Understanding the Law of the Lid

  • How to Live a Disciplined Life Style

  • 10 Ways to Perform at Your Peak

  • Develop a Successful Mindset

Turn Clicks To Conversions

A three (3) part series from our annual 90 Days to Dominate eCourse. Join Social Media Specialist and Coach Donna Moody and her special guests, Internet Marketing Guru Nicole Cooper. Get ready to learn…

  • How to optimize your social media pages

  • Create a page ready for business

  • Marketing Tips

  • Media Tools

  • Collaborate with Brands

  • Tips to Go LIVE!

Fireproof Your Finances

A three (3) part series from our annual 90 Days to Dominate eCourse. Join Money Lady, Coach Kristina Williams Buhl and her guests Tax Preparer Natalie Guzman and DIY Trader Tony Otero. Join as they discuss your financial foundation. You will learn:

  • Business Credit

  • Budgeting

  • Understand Tax Laws

  • Investing

  • Protecting Your Business

Born To S.L.A.Y

Bosses were Born to S.L.A.Y was a coaching and teaching session like no other! Our founder Coleen Otero came back from her sabbatical with such fresh insight for her tribe to go out and kill it! This class held the highest replays in the network next to her branding courses!

The Art of Public Speaking

Ready to inspire? Want to use your words to set a room on fire? What is your speaking style? Based on Coach Coleens’ personal experience and TedX studies, there are many ways to move a crowd.

  • Define your Speaking Style

  • Learn what not to do when you speak

  • What should you charge?

Hosting A Successful Event

Are you ready to host and or plan your first event? The CEO Chick Network was built on events! The ability to host an amazing event can make or break your brand. In this class Coach Coleen teaches the very strategies she applies to creating events that make people want to connect to our organization.

  • Create your planning timeline

  • Gain Marketing strategies

  • Let’s discuss speaker fees

  • Negotiations

Stocks, Bonds and Bitcoin

Join our Money Lady, Coach Kristina Williams Buhl, Financial Advisor over $50 Million in Assets Featuring Tony Trades Founder, Tony Otero a DIY, Self Made Investor as they discuss:

  • Understand Stocks

  • Build A Diverse Portfolio

  • Understanding Risks and Rewards

  • Learn more about Crypto Currency