CEO Chick Founder and Sherri Shephard

I have been on a high for the last 24 hours! This week Tuesday I received a call from a friend of mine saying, "Hey do you know Sherri Shephard? 

She needs a stylist!" The rest was history!!!! 

The very next call was Sherri's assistant on the other end of the phone giving me instructions on where to be and what time to be there. It didn't soak in right away, but the next day when I was on my way to the appointment I started to feel nervous, excitement and anxious. I got to the comedy club began setting up and called my husband to begin praying! I didn't want my emotions to interfere with this divine appointment! Well a hour goes by and no Sherri! Shortly after my cell rings and her assistant says frantically, "HELLO! It's my fault, you were suppose to go to her hotel...not the club!" Long story short Sherri was WAITING ON ME!!!! What?! Now I want to vomit! HONESTLY! But I had to remain calm! I prayed and stayed put as I was told to. I quickly text my husband and said, "PRAY HARDER!" 

I took authority over my emotions, waited for further instructions and stayed put. Her assistant called apologetically and said, "I am sooooo sorry, Sherri is on her way." You could imagine my relief. There were so many thoughts going through my head like, she's going to say "never mind", or be upset when she arrives. But on the contrary she was pleasant, and apologetic as well! She even paid me DOUBLE! WOW! I did her hair and fast forward to after the show when we get an opportunity to chat a little. 

She takes pics with us and took the time to look at the CEO Chick gifts I gave her and joked about it being the right size LOL but said how much she loved it!  It was amazing! I couldn't help but think back to when God told me to step out and change GIG to CEO Chicks! When he told me to get ready for a network of women that will flock together and bring about great change in their communities! 

How? Glad you providing stable homes for their children, by creating jobs for others, bystrengthening single moms, by demolishing debt and so much more! I could not help but SHOUT! That Sherri Shephard is such a great example of what a CEO Chick really is!