CEO Chicks Who Dominate: Tasha Odunuyi

Tasha Odunuyi is an entrepreneur you do not want to sleep on…

Tell us how you got into entrepreneurship?

I have always been an entrepreneur. In the past I owned my own hair salon for 10 years, a fitness studio, and am currently a licensed real estate broker in addition to the CEO of Diella Designs. So it's just in my blood.

What’s one of the greatest accomplishments you have achieved in your business?

One of the greatest achievements I've accomplished in my business is having a reputation for great products and good customer service. I am BIG on customer service. In the short time since launching I have been able to build great relationships with my customers and in turn their repeat customers whom are referred. You can have the best of the best products, but if it comes with a terrible attitude showing you don't value your customers then really how good is your product or business?

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years I see Diella Designs with a multi-layered business model. Diella Designs clothing brand is just a small part of where I aim to take the company. Within this time it is my prayer to grow the brand name into something the world recognizes. Not only for great clothing, but for the many divisions I envision coming under the name. Multiple streams! Stay tuned.

What do you love most about being a CEO Chick?

Being a CEO Chick is a great experience of sisterhood. We are women who are out here setting and breaking goals. Women who want to see their sisters win. It's a positive environment where we can thrive and have the resources to succeed.

Who inspires you?

If I had to give a name it would be Designer Nicole Lynel on Instagram. I love her! Her story is inspiring and it's amazing watching her grow from the time I started Diella Designs until now. Sometimes if I feel discouraged, I'll see a post from her and it motivates me to keep following my vision. If she did it so can I. Nothing is impossible, look at all the women entrepreneurs who are out here juggling everything it takes to be a woman like marriage, motherhood, and etc.

What is your favorite book/podcast you recommend to our CEO Chicks?

I would highly recommend Monique Rodriguez's podcast “The Secret Sauce” and Kimberly Daniels’ book “Commanding Your Day”. They never get old and on this entrepreneurial journey you're not going to always feel like showing up. There will be days you will question your decisions. This book has so many prayers, confirmations, and decrees to give you the nudge you will need on a day to day basis.

What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs should never forget their why. Why you started and what you aim to accomplish. Never compare your progress or process to other people and keep God first. Operate your business from a place of purpose.

How can people connect with you and your products/services?

Website: (pronounced DiyEHL-AH)

Instagram: @dielladesigns (Main Handle)

Facebook: @dielladesigns

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CEO Chicks Who Dominate: Tonie Neshelle

Tonie Neshelle.png

Tonie Neshelle is building a brand and she is one lady you will want to have in your close circle.

Tell us how you got into entrepreneurship?

I realized very early on that I loved the idea of freedom. I didn’t like being confined to time constraints that prevented me from spending time I wanted to spend with my children.

What is one of the greatest accomplishments you have achieved in your business?

The greatest accomplishment may not seem huge to some. I have received awards and accolades for entrepreneurship and business. Although, it’s most rewarding for me to have a mom or a child explain how much my center and staff helped them as well as how much they loved to see the growth of their children.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

In 3-5 years I see myself owning one to two more businesses, one brick and mortar. I love the idea of passing generational wealth to my children and future grandchildren.

What do you love most about being a CEO Chick?

What I love almost about being an CEO Chick are the collaborations. I know that may seem cliche considering that’s our motto, but I have met and partnered with some incredible women.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by many people, but to name a few are Myleik, Sarah Jakes-Roberts, and Koereyelle.

What is your favorite book/podcast you recommend to our CEO Chicks?

Some of my favorite podcasts are:

  • Woman Evolve

  • Right to R.E.A.L Love

What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs? 

The advice I would give to other entrepreneurs is, entrepreneurship is hard work. It’s not always the glitz and glam that you see on social media. There are a ton of blood, sweat, and tears that go into running a business. However with prayer, consistency, and focus you can absolutely achieve the goals the you are seeking to accomplish.

How can people connect with you and your products/services?

Instagram: @iam.tonie

Facebook : Tonie Neshelle


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CEO Chicks Who Dominate: Alyssa Hogan

Untitled design.png

Alyssa used to empower women, now she provides the tools!

Alyssa A. Hogan is the Founder, Principal Consultant, and Lead Trainer of Alyssa A. Hogan Enterprise. She has over 10 years of Management and Executive Experience. She provides one-on-one Small Business, Executive, and Leadership coaching and training.

Tell us how you got into entrepreneurship?
I was the VP of my husband's commercial and residential painting company for about 10 years. I didn't really consider myself an entrepreneur at that time because I still worked a full-time job as a social worker. In 2014, I was let go from my teaching job after losing my husband. I couldn't find suitable employment so, I began travel booking and selling Mary Kay products. Women began to ask me to speak about my story at events and conferences.

What is one of the greatest accomplishments you have achieved in your business?
The greatest accomplishment I wish I could say was money, however it wasn't. Discovering my passion to help women small business owners plan and grow their businesses. I remember leaving the office one day saying "I love my job and I get paid to do it".

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? In 3-5 years?
International speaker, best selling author, and million dollar change agent that would have helped start and grow thousands of .small businesses.

What do you love most about being a CEO Chick?
I love the support and sisterhood. The Coaches have been so instrumental to my personal and professional growth.

Who inspires you?
I am not inspired by one woman but many women. Every woman who regardless of obstacles, continue to pursue their dream.

What is your favorite book/podcast you recommend to our CEO Chicks?
Honestly I don't listen to podcast. I enjoy reading blogs and articles.

What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs? 
Lay a solid foundation (business plan), create processes and procedures, repeat the strategies that work, and don't be afraid to take a chance on you. Visualize your best life and Execute it!

How can people connect with you and your products/services?

Instagram: @Alyssaahogan
FaceBook: @Alyssaahoganenterprise

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CEO Chicks Who Dominate: Bianca Shellie-Robinson


Bianca is more than a consultant, she is a business architect!

She teaches her clients how to develop simple processes in their business that will increase productivity and profit. Bianca is a MBA graduate, seasoned business consultant, and award-winning International Business Strategist and Project Manager, my experience comes right from the source. She has helped more than 700 (and counting) business owners build, streamline, and scale their operations to significantly increase their profits. Bianca is also a highly sought after, fact-based content speaker, who teaches audiences how to diversify their business portfolios, add more streams of income in their business, monetize their social media accounts, and expand their businesses into global territories.

Tell us how you got into entrepreneurship?
I quit my corporate job as a business and project manager 7 years ago and I have been full time ever since

What’s one of the greatest accomplishments you have achieved in your business?
Making over 6 figures and teaching my clients how to do the same thing with my strategies 

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? In 3-5 years?
I will have a staff of 20, managing multi-million dollar projects

What do you love most about being a CEO Chick?
I love the women and the community 

Who inspires you?
My kids 

What is your favorite book/podcast you recommend to our CEO Chicks?
How to win in the sport of business by Mark Cuban

What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs? 
The sooner you fail, the faster you will succeed. Try it all then niche down, then niche down some more. Be the go to expert in your industry 

How can people connect with you and your products/services?

IG:  @thebiancaexperience
FaceBook:  @caydencayconculting
YouTube: The Bianca Experience

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Sarai Antoine - CEO Chicks Who Dominate!!!


Sarai Antoine, also known as Sarai The MC, is one of our youngest members at 20 years old! She is the Radio Host of her own show on The Wire 98.5, Entrepreneur, and a proud “Haitianista”! Sarai is also MC to one of the largest media outlets for the Haitian-American Community, L’Union Suite. We caught up with her to ask her a few questions about her journey as a CEO Chick, here is what she had to say…

Tell us how you got into entrepreneurship?

I first got into entrepreneurship after the passing of my mother.  I remember after the funeral everyone asked me “Sarai what are you going to do now”, and quite frankly I didn’t know in that moment, but I knew I had to think of something and fast. I embarked on something that changed my life forever that allowed me to bring in cash flow, a financial market known as Forex. At first, I was hesitant but I then began to see finances I had never seen before.  I went from making $400 biweekly to averaging $4500 weekly.  I then launched my show “The Sarai Antoine Show” on 98.5 The Wire and in that same year I started my non-profit Girls Talk 101 Inc. and ventured into RealEstate Investing.

What’s one of the greatest accomplishments you have achieved in your business?

The greatest accomplishment I have achieved in my business, is gaining the consistent support of my listeners. Whether it is running advertisements on my show, gaining sponsorship, or even a simple “Sarai you’re doing a good job”, it all goes along way to support me. I remember when I first launched my show, I was very hesitant on whether people would even tune in, but every week I had an increase in listeners. Even just this past month I went from working solo to bringing on a board of advisors and a content manager. 

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

In five years, I see my show being a household name in the community, my non-profit being international, and having a mentorship class for young women in middle school and high school. I also see myself as a multi-millionaire with over 60 properties under my belt and a being a pillar in my community.

What advice would you give other young aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

The advice I would give young entrepreneurs is to never feel like your too young to do something great. Never allow your circumstances to dictate your future. In a world filled of innovators and creatives your idea is just as worthy as anyone else’s idea and your voice is just as powerful. Walk in your purpose and always put God first because with Him anything is possible

How can people connect with you?

Facebook : Sarai Antoine

Instagram : SaraiTheMc

Email :

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CEO Chicks Who DOMINATE- Featuring Lena Graham-Morris

CEO Chick and Founder of Entreprenista Enterprises LLC, Lena Graham - Morris

CEO Chick and Founder of Entreprenista Enterprises LLC, Lena Graham - Morris

Our CEO Chick of the Month is none other than Lena Graham-Morris, This woman is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship!!! In fact she will tell you it runs through her DNA, We took a few moment to ask about her journey and here is what she said..

*Why entrepreneurship? It’s in my DNA. I was raised by entrepreneurs; we have a primary family business third generation builders. I worked with my grandmother in an office setting since I was five. When other children were planning with dolls, we were learning to file and type. Today our family business dominates the Southeastern region of the United States with six offices and I have been instrumental in establishing critical strategic partnerships and securing over $30 Million dollars in contracts.

*Did entrepreneurship find you or did you find it? In addition to the family business, I started my first consulting venture when I was 18. The entrepreneurial spirit would not stop whispering to me. When I was laid off from PBS/NPR, I decided to venture into the world of beauty and even when I attempted to work for someone else ultimately opened my creative studio that I managed for over ten years.

*As a business leader, what’s some of your greatest challenges? Balance, work life balance is my number one challenge. Typically I work an average of seventy hours a week. Ten to fifteen hours days and working on the weekend are not uncommon to my schedule, so I have to make an effort to plan in time for myself and to walk away.

Some hacks that have helped me are to decide what three days of the week will be long days, and actually, commit to ending the remaining days at a reasonable time. Schedule my longer days with intention, limit my meetings.

*When you’re not in business mode, what do you do for down time? I’m always in business mode, lol! Because I always go so hard, it’s imperative me to schedule down time. For instance, if I am attending a conference or event that is not in town I pad in in extra days to relax while I have the opportunity to disengage from normal surroundings. Time with my husband, spa days, shopping, reading and letting myself veg out on NetFlix.

*As a CEO Chick, how are you dominating your industry? The definition of domination is the exercise of control or influence over someone or something, when you are the master of a home or thing, you dominate it.

I continue my quest for professional growth so that I can be knowledgeable and an expert in my field. I have an executive coach that I evaluate and reevaluate my goals with every 90 days.

I also make it a goal to extend my knowledge to others so that I can build my circle of influence.

*What your number one advice to a fellow CEO chick or aspiring business leader? Celebrate your failures and successes. So many times especially in this world of social media we are happy to share when we are winning but hide the fact if we feel we have made a mistake. The moment you can celebrate your failures and mistakes as much as you celebrate your successes you free your mind of limiting beliefs that can potentially hold you back from the best version of yourself.

“The absolute test of one’s character is the ability to lose as gracefully as you win” Lena Graham-Morris

*What are three things you would tell your younger self in business?

Take care of your business – When I say business, I mean paperwork, your taxes, protection your business your trademarks and copyright. Keep your credit intact because so many times in business it comes down to capital.

The dolphins and the sharks look the same until they are right up on you – Actually, my big cousin and mentor used to tell me that, but it’s not until recently that it sunk in. Bottom line you can’t do business with everyone – you need to understand your core and values and vet individuals around you to make sure you are compatible just like a relationship. You can’t jump at every opportunity; you have to weigh out if this opportunity will work for you. SO many times we are so excited as entrepreneurs we jump into venture after venture. Activity does not equal productivity, and passion does not equal profit.

Have the hard conversations - Being in business is not cute if you are afraid to be vocal and stand up for yourself – keep working for someone else. Even if it’s scary or you are uncomfortable put everything out on the table at the onset of the situation and work through the kinks. If not you will find yourself in a precarious position.

*What keeps you creative in business? I have a talent in that I can use both sides of my brain – I am analytical and creative. So hone in on my creative side I have to make sure my workspace flows. Sounds, smells, and aesthetics. Also, I meditate with intention once a week and I listen to my body.

*What can we expect next from you? Keep a look out for my book and time efficiency planner hack. The official launch of my business coaching and consulting business Entreprenista Enterprises LLC and series of informational yet inspiration seminars.




Why entrepreneurship? I really love the idea of being my own boss. I would rather invest in myself to build my own empire than to punch the clock and build someone else's... even though I'm still working for someone else to pay for my dream lol

Did entrepreneurship find you or did you find it? Hmm, we found each other lol... I got into photography because my daughter wanted to be a fashion model. I was spending crazy amounts of money on her photo shoots and flying to different agencies until one day I decided to invest some of that money to buy a camera. Once I bought and taught myself the basic camera functions, I decided to start an online boutique where my daughter would be my leading model to get her as much exposure as possible. Once I launched my boutique January 1st, 2015 I decided that I would take pictures of all of my models to save money on a photographer and everyone fell in love with my photos! I was getting asked to do shoots left and right, so I focused on perfecting the art of photography and that's how my photography career took off even though the boutique tanked. That just goes to show you that God's hand is always in everything we're doing because I didn't even see that coming.

As a business leader, what are some of your greatest challenges? Building a team. Most photographers in my area seem to want to be in competition with me which I guess is natural but I'd rather collaborate and work together. I was working with this producer in the area who has a photography studio and he would ask me to come and help him on large shoots until one of his regular models asked me to do her a personal photo shoot. He didn't like that too much lol... next thing you know he stopped calling me asking for my help. But he still gives me props on my work via the internet... but I'm going to keep trying!

When you’re not in business mode, what do you do during your downtime? Spend time with my daughter! She is the funniest human being on the planet!!! I always have so much fun with her :)

As a CEO Chick, how are you dominating your industry? I'm definitely dominating in my area with photography. I'm from a small town called Luverne, AL and they have never seen photography being done the way I do it in that area. For a really nice photo shoot, they would have to travel out of town to get what they were looking for. I live in Phenix City, AL but I decided to open my photography studio in Luverne because I could see a real need for it there and plus I had already built a pretty nice clientele so it just made sense. I am really changing the photography game in that area from weddings, senior portraits, and even helping aspiring models to build their portfolios.

What is your number one advice to a fellow CEO Chick or aspiring business leader? Don't listen to people that try to crush your dreams. When I started my own husband was against me investing so much money into me and our daughter's careers. But now that it's taking off he's tried to make up for it by building my studio from the ground up himself. Sometimes you need to show people who you are and whose you are! He couldn't see the vision that God gave me, but I could see it clear as day :)

What are three things you would tell your younger self in business? 1.Watch the company you keep... everyone that started with you can't always finish with you. Because sometimes you outgrow people and situations and in order for you to continue to grow you have to cut the people that are holding you back. 2. Listen to that inner voice.... the one that screams at you every time you know you're about to do something you shouldn't do or when you're confused about something... that's God looking out for you, LISTEN! 3. Start early! I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty and fashion industry I just didn't know what I wanted to do... I wish I would have started interning for major fashion brands in my early 20's and I believe it would have still led me to photography. I would just like to know the in's and out's of the industry to really get ahead.

What keeps you going creatively in business? My clients! My clients have really kept me going through some really hard times in my life by them telling me how my photos of them or a loved has made them feel and helped them through. I feel like if me taking a simple photo can impact someone's life for the better... I want to keep getting better and be the best I can be at my craft.

What can we expect next from you? Big things! My focus now is working on generating business for my studio, but the way my God is set up who knows where I'll be or what I'll be doing next year... I just know it's gonna be BIG because God has really been showing up and showing out in my life!!!

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CEO Chick Founder and Sherri Shephard

I have been on a high for the last 24 hours! This week Tuesday I received a call from a friend of mine saying, "Hey do you know Sherri Shephard? 

She needs a stylist!" The rest was history!!!! 

The very next call was Sherri's assistant on the other end of the phone giving me instructions on where to be and what time to be there. It didn't soak in right away, but the next day when I was on my way to the appointment I started to feel nervous, excitement and anxious. I got to the comedy club began setting up and called my husband to begin praying! I didn't want my emotions to interfere with this divine appointment! Well a hour goes by and no Sherri! Shortly after my cell rings and her assistant says frantically, "HELLO! It's my fault, you were suppose to go to her hotel...not the club!" Long story short Sherri was WAITING ON ME!!!! What?! Now I want to vomit! HONESTLY! But I had to remain calm! I prayed and stayed put as I was told to. I quickly text my husband and said, "PRAY HARDER!" 

I took authority over my emotions, waited for further instructions and stayed put. Her assistant called apologetically and said, "I am sooooo sorry, Sherri is on her way." You could imagine my relief. There were so many thoughts going through my head like, she's going to say "never mind", or be upset when she arrives. But on the contrary she was pleasant, and apologetic as well! She even paid me DOUBLE! WOW! I did her hair and fast forward to after the show when we get an opportunity to chat a little. 

She takes pics with us and took the time to look at the CEO Chick gifts I gave her and joked about it being the right size LOL but said how much she loved it!  It was amazing! I couldn't help but think back to when God told me to step out and change GIG to CEO Chicks! When he told me to get ready for a network of women that will flock together and bring about great change in their communities! 

How? Glad you providing stable homes for their children, by creating jobs for others, bystrengthening single moms, by demolishing debt and so much more! I could not help but SHOUT! That Sherri Shephard is such a great example of what a CEO Chick really is!