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"Coleen Otero has the capacity to receive one's vision, conceptualize it, expand it, and bring it to life in a fashion that exceeds all expectations. She can not only sense who you are or what your product is, she has the gift of nurturing the person, and the product simultaneously! She positions you to serve your target audience all while uniquely identifying you, your product and your brand!" - Orlando, FL.  |   View Site:


"I met Coleen Otero at the right time!  I knew it was time for me to brand my business; Virtuous-Tees, but with so many options, I did not know where to start. She was very patient, friendly, and professional with me.  Coleen helped me believe in my vision even when I did not see the full picture.  She helped me get to the end results in each goal I set. The website creation was amazing! She knew what I wanted even when I could not put into words.  She pointed me in the right direction and provided resources necessary to become successful.  After hiring Coleen as my branding coach my income increased a whopping 800%! She truly has a passion to see women in business succeed!!!" - Orlando, FL.   |   View Site: 


"We wanted to send a special thank you to our Branding Coach Coleen Otero, who's program helped to breathe life into the vision for our business! Her skill set is truly one of a kind and not only helped us develop our vision but refined it to be polished and presentable to our audience, making an immediate impact! Her team developed a website that exceeded our expectations! - Chicago, IL   |    View Site: