Get Results from Social Media


Social Media is a FREE marketing tool that anyone can use for his or her business. Every platform that one encounters has stats. The question is, “What are you doing with your stats”? We have vital information that we tend to overlook that can be very important to our posting strategies.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself especially if you are not getting the response, views, or feedback that you intended to get.

  • Am I posting on the days when most of my followers are on?
  • Am I responded back to my followers?
  • Did I post at a time where I have the lowest engagement?
  • Have I reviewed my top posts to see what my followers like?
  • Am I consistent?
  • Do I have great content or just posts?
  • Have I set goals for my page?
  • How many people am I reaching in a week?
  • How many followers am I gaining monthly?
  • Did I  collaborate with anyone?

These are some questions that you might want to revisit if you are not getting the results that you need. All of your stats can be found in your settings. For Instagram, you should have your page set up as a business page and the icons will be located at the top of the screen. Please take the time to see what your stats are saying about your page. You can gain so much by comparing your stats each month.

There are so many online resources and tools for us to use to improve our social media strategy.  Book a coaching session with me by emailing and lets dive in to your account together. If this write up helped you let us know, tag us on FB or IG, write a review on our fan page. See on our Monday Calls!

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CEO Chick Coach
Donna Moody

Social Media Utilization

Excuses. What are excuses? Excuses are reasons or explanations put to defend or justify something. We are now in a place where we cannot make any more excuses. Your social media platforms are waiting for you to make them evolve. Looking for special equipment to give you the glamorous look/vibe can be challenging but I have some ways you can adjust your thinking process. Save your coins and give your pages and photos a whole new professional look. Here are some devices/techniques to help you that you may already have or are in your home.

1. Cell phone- Smartphones are advances every year. Did you know that on some of the 2017-2018 phones have the same photo qualities as some of the expensive camera’s you want to buy? Save your coins. iPhone 8 or the X has portrait mode options that will give you professional head shot quality. Most people are now using phones to get the job done.


2.  If you are looking for a nice background, go in your closets and find a simple curtain, shower curtain, or even white or nude fabric. Simple basic colors such as white, nude, black, or any solid colors pick up really well in a video or photo.


3.  Lastly if the lighting in your home is not the best and natural light is not working in your favor, grab a couple of old lamps that are probably laying around the house and start placing them in front of you or around you to give your photo or video some light. You can adjust as needed.


There are so many techniques you can use right at home without breaking the bank. When you are in a place to invest, you can always upgrade yourself. If you can get the same results by being creative, why not? Now that you have no more excuses and you have 3 great techniques to use, go ahead and start recreating your pages for your business FUTURE.

~Coach Donna