Wellness DO's For A Fresh Season of Domination

The two most common presenting conditions high achieving women present within therapy is depression and anxiety.  Unfortunately, in most cases, by the time therapy is initiated a significant amount of damage in a person’s business, relationship, finances and overall peace has already occurred. As we prepare to complete the first quarter of this year where FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, it is very important that we pursue MAJOR LIFE CHANGES by making HUGE LIFE CHANGES in our daily behaviors to make the potential for change and BREAK THROUGH even an option in our spaces. While we set out to break unhealthy cycles that many of us have learned to cope and function through, let us take the time to focus on three behaviors that SUCCESSFUL WELL ADJUSTED HIGH ACHIEVING WOMEN do to stay well.

Licensed Mental Health Therapist & CEO Chick Coach, Schellie Fanfan

Licensed Mental Health Therapist & CEO Chick Coach, Schellie Fanfan

I know we hear this all of the time to the point where most of our ears have learned to tune out the importance of exercise.  Unfortunately, many of us in spite of the knowledge we have of how CRUCIAL consistent exercise is for our mental wellness; still choose not to make this change in our daily lives.

“I am too busy?”  Well you make your schedule and even if you don’t, you must take the control you DO have over your schedule and ensure you take care of the vehicle that you are riding in on this road to success.

“I don’t have the money?”  A physical trainer or gym membership is not required to establish a healthy exercise routine.   There are so many great clips free on you tube that will help you and an accountability partner with breaking a good sweat at least three times a week to create a physical state that promotes mental wellness.

High achieving women who exercise report higher levels of happiness, increased satisfaction in their relationships, higher levels of success, greater satisfaction levels in their sex lives and more.  They report increased ability to make decisions and a greater ability to access the creative centers in their brains to keep them relevant in their industries. 

Exercise IS NOT ONLY for weight loss.  It is essential for mental wellness evidenced by many women coming off medication for depression and anxiety after establishing and maintaining a healthy exercise and eating regime.  Are you going to wait for the negative doctor’s report?   Are you going to continue to drag through your depression and anxiety?  MAKE THE CHOICE and

  •   Find an accountability partner that is motivated in the area of exercise.

  • Establish a schedule you can commit to at least three times a week for no less than one hour.

  • EXECUTE your plan NOW and expect discomfort.  That is the only way to know you are doing something right.  CHANGE IS UNCOMFORTABLE and that discomfort is REQUIRED for where we as high achieving women are and/or are heading.



In my over 20 years of experience, I have consistently found that the most powerful well- adjusted women have a NON-NEGOTIABLE “ME DAY” that they stick to NO MATTER THE SITUATION.  In almost all cases, it is a set day where these women have standing appointments with themselves.  We often mistake “ME TIME” as time we spend with family and friends.  Truth be told, most of the time that family time includes throwing a few loads in the laundry, cooking and enjoying our loved ones.  While there is nothing wrong with this, WE NEED A TIME OUT for our brains to do what we need them to do daily to keep us thriving.  Alone time full of relaxation, meditation, reflection, deep breathing, stretching, massaging, hydrating, reciting positive affirmations, mind stimulations with relaxing tunes and smells is required to keep us well.  We must be this intentional to minimize risk of emotional issues such as depression and anxiety not to mention heart disease and other physical ailments that often arise as a result of neglect.  In this context, doing NOTHING is a HUGE SOMETHING.  Just one true “ME DAY” one time a week or one time bi-weekly can lead you to feel like you are returning from a two week vacation abroad.  When is your “ME DAY?”  What do you do in your nothingness to keep you well?  I love taking the time to actually lotion every inch of my body in slow long strokes, sipping on a glass of fermented grapes while listening to an hour long prayer instrumental that takes me to a very deep level of relaxation and processing.  BE INTENTIONAL.  It is REQUIRED for where we as high achieving women are and/or are heading.


High achieving women, who are well adjusted and thriving in a state of wellness, often do so because they allow themselves an opportunity to be vulnerable before another person who is in the position to provide wisdom filled and objective feedback to build the person.  After the suit comes off, girdle comes off, wig comes off, eye lashes are off, make up is all off, kids are asleep, partner is not by your side and all you have left is YOU….  This is when the importance of having that one person you see at least weekly is needed to keep you grounded.  Please remember that this person may not be your cheerleader all the time, but the feedback, counsel, guidance and education you receive is REQUIRED where we as high achieving women are and/or are heading.

As we enter quarter two of the year where the gates of FAVOR are wide open over us all, be sure to be intentional about you and the things that make you well.  Do not let any education provided in a book, article, conference call or webinar fall on deaf ears.  CHOOSE TO BE THE HEAD in all that you do, especially in the process of meeting your own emotional needs.