Building Profitable Business Relationships

As we kick off 2019, I’m reminded how important learning how to build strong relationships has been to my success over my career but especially in 2018.  I have seen doors opened and deals closed that hinged purely on whom I knew and how well I knew them.  I wanted to take a moment today to share with you 5 important keys to building quality client relationships that will help make 2019 your best year yet.

  1. Partnership. The first key is finding clients who can be true partners. Recently I had to let go of a very high profile client because we were no longer a fit for each other. When the relationship is draining you, when you are providing high value and your client doesn’t want to pay the high price or you no longer see it being mutually beneficial then the relationship becomes more of a drain than a dream! In 2019 you want to let go of the dead end relationships in business! Those who don’t want to recognize real partnership… the win win…. then then kindly close out that contract/relationship and become available for the right clients!

  2. Patience.  In the microwave society that we live in, we like to see everything done fast.   We prefer to communicate via “technology” for quick and concise answers with our clients but this isn’t always the best way to build real lasting relationships. Remember as our founder Coleen says, “relationships are currency”.  Your best relationship with a client has the ability to build profitability for your business through repeat buy and can also turn into great referrals.   This takes time.   Real authentic human relationships grow through trust and this doesn’t happen over weeks or even months sometimes.  Be committed to growing and learning your client over time.

  3. Provide Value. Be prepared to show your client how your business is prospering them on a monthly basis.   Come prepared to challenge their thinking, teach them something new and help them change to grow and prosper through your product or service.  The sales landscape is changing and clients are looking for someone who doesn’t just hand them what they want but helps them improve and that takes a “Challenger Saleswoman”. Check out the book The Challenger Sale by Dixon & Adamson for a great read on how to differentiate yourself in the market and provide value!

  4. Persistent Communication.  I’ll circle back here because communication is key and as I mentioned earlier we love technology these days but here it is a huge help!   Whether you’re sending weekly emails, text follow-ups to questions or even video conferencing monthly for check ins, USE WHAT YOU HAVE!  The sale you miss most often is the one you didn’t even know needed to occur....   Your lack of follow up and follow through to your prospects and clients keeps you out of the loop.   Don’t be the fly by night service provider or vendor.  Stay top of mind and in 2018 build in some very specific RULES OF ENGAGEMENT to know just how you should be following up with each client.  Be present, face forward and following through.  Your persistence will pay dividends.

  5. Perform. That’s it, bottom line.  You have to perform each and every time you are interacting with your clients.  In fact, don’t just perform but OVER perform.   Do what you do, better than anyone else in your market.   Exceed expectations and make it happen.  Especially in the case of cleaning up a mess or solving a problem; do what it takes to go the extra mile.   When it comes to referring your company, or renewing your contract, relationships are key but poor performance cannot be argued against.  Ensure you make no room for our client to bring their needs to competitors because they can’t live without YOU!

    Ladies 2019 is going to be the year to build through the currency of relationships.   Share this blog with fellow CEO’s and let us know what tactics you use to build great relationships in your business! Also if you missed Coach Jenn’s recent feature in Voyage Chicago Magazine you want to see her story for yourself… her story of overcoming obstacles and building multiple six figure successes is a MUST READ! CLICK HERE!