Building Your Business By FAITH!


We hear the saying all the time, "show me your top five friends and I can tell you who you are." In my case it’s more like top 4! LOL! In any event we are a reflection of our circle. Those we share our concepts, dreams, and little secrets with are the same ones we can look to as a compass of where we are in life. One of my sisters in the faith will often say when your circle shifts or changes it’s a sign that God is ready to shift your life in a new direction.

As women in business and/or ministry we understand that whatever we “label” our work, as believers, it  is ALL a service to God. We understand that as we are walking in purpose there are those that God has assigned to our lives just as well as those the enemy has assigned. With that being said, how do you know who is who? How do you discern who is for you vs. who is against you? How do you know who is in your circle for a season or for life? Let’s talk about it!

The Bible says we are to “know those that labor among us”. ( 1Thess 5:12) The word “know” in Hebrew translates to “yada”, it means to be intimate with, to understand and experience. How many people around us do we know on such an intimate level? Before you can know or judge someone’s intent you have to spend time with them. As believers in the market place we have to develop our gift of discernment and that is not based on our feelings, filters or hear say… it is based on the ability to judge ones’ actions according to the word of God. So basically if you lack bible you lack discernment.

As we are building relationships, we will encounter peoples’ flaws, strengths, personalities, etc. We will learn their language, their mannerisms, their moral beliefs, skill sets and more. We all have proclivities built in our natural man that we have to work on daily that does not mean we diabolical, it merely means we are human and posses’ a soul (mind, will and intellect). This will help you to mature to a place as a believer to realize everyone is not sent by the devil! They just have issues like you do! Some are more committed to working on their way of thinking and being then others and it simply shows. I said all that to say, do not be so quick to cut people off because of their areas of weakness but use wisdom in where you position them in your life and heart.

In relation to business we have to be able to assess their ability to complete tasks regardless of their flaws. It is our job as business owners and team builders to properly place people in their areas of strength, where they can shine and perform at their highest level while providing the tools to equip them in areas of weakness. Start people off with lighter tasks of low level importance before graduating them to more. I meet so many people that do not know themselves enough… they’re uncertain of what they are good at vs. not so good at. They convince you they are excellent at this or a Guru at that only to find out otherwise.

Getting to know someone takes time and research but at the end of it all you will have enough truth and experience to avoid being deceived. You will shorten the time span of which you invest in this process and dodge “pretenders” quicker!  If you were like me the phonies made you want to retreat to a island somewhere with wifi only. You don’ t want to even put effort into knowing people AT ALL! Your resort to saying like, “Nobody can go with me to the next level” or “It’s lonely at the top!” But that is a thought process of the hurt and dysfunctional.  Even Jesus had a circle of trusted disciples! I had to realize while moments of isolation are inevitable it is temporary.

Living like an island to myself would rob me of healthy, loving relationships. It is so important to become more relational vs. transactional. What does that mean? When we put more emphasis in getting to know someone we build a genuine connection that will lead to loyalty and long term business dealings. Whereas when you do not care to know someone you will move in and out at a blink of an eye, treat people automatically as time wasters and risk missing the opportunity of a life time.

As Believers in Business it is vital that we are one with Gods word and Spirit. Fully aware of our heart condition, our motives and intent. This will help us to sharpen our discernment. We won’t be so quick to assume because someone is sweet toward us that they are kind hearted. Some of the sweetest people I have met were gossipers, their name was constantly at the root of discord and confusion, they were pros at sabotaging projects (they would take on the more important parts of a project and drop the ball), they were shady and flat out messy. On the flip side I have met some of the most quiet, dry, and somewhat abrasive individuals who were AMAZING! They kept their word, proactive, went the extra mile on tasks, displayed integrity all while lacking in the warm and fuzzy department.

Which would you want on your team?! Perhaps both! Messy Megan can work in a position that required less important task, a greeter, customer service, she can work a script of some sort, answer phones. Meanwhile Dry Debra can work operations, she can keep up with dead line driven goals and hold team members accountable. Both women with the will and right leadership development can find a suitable position and grow with the company.  

On a practical note, I can recall over a year ago, when we had an amazing CEO Chick Conference Call with two individuals I love and respect dearly. I asked them what are some of the ways they build their winning teams. And my Life Coach, Junice Rockman said she uses gift assessments. Her means of discovering who people are lie in a series of questions that will determine whether they are Visionaries, Strategists, or Tacticians. The Visionary has ideas for days but no real plan of execution. The Strategist can plan from A- Z and pays close attention to detail. Lastly, is the Tactician, they are great at managing what the Visionary and Strategist have put in place. Good right?! Our next guest, Celebrity MUA Kym Lee said she had a list of various things she looks for when considering hiring someone for her team. She gives them on the job training and will check for the following:

  1. Timeliness
  2. Work Ethics and Skills (Getting the job done efficiently)
  3. Effort and Quick thinking (Being proactive)
  4. Body Language
  5. Energy and Attitude
  6. Passion and Servitude (Going the extra mile)
  7. Coachable (Open to constructive feed back)
  8. Prepared (Equip with proper tools to do the job)

All in all we are to never give up hope! Our dream team is not a myth but it is does exist!  As we continue to grow and mature in our leadership abilities we will begin to attract those that are a reflection of who we are and build people up that possess the desire for growth. We must be clear with our vision so others can comprehend our wants and desires. Write the vision and make it plain (Hab 2:2)! Be ok with going through the process of elimination, people will come, people may go but the right ones will stay! Focus your attention on the committed and build with them! I am looking forward to your success! If this information was good to your soul please share it with someone and be sure to connect with us on IG or FB at @ceochicks.

Until next time…get over it, that’s right fly HIGH and get above the noise! Much Love,

Coleen Otero

CEO Chick Founder

CEO of YourBeautyXpert, LLC.