5 Ways To Finish Strong


1.  Change Your Old Habits- You must end those stubborn habits that cause us to delay our future goals. Once we know and recognize these habits, it’s time to get rid of them press forward to reach your maximum goals. What do old habits consist of? 

·      Being Lazy- putting off assignments to another day.

·      Procrastination- waiting until the last minute to complete a task.

·      Commitment- putting in the work daily. Your customers and your followers know a schedule of when you are delivering something.

·      Time Management- wasting time doing things that do not generate money.

·      Not being proactive- don’t wait for things to unfold take action before it happens.

·      Not being Dependable- can people count on you to show up be on time, keep your promises and commitments?

2.   Set Realistic Goals – Everyone at some point feels like they are super heroes but in real life we are human. We cannot do everything at once but we can check off the little things on our lists to reach our ultimate goal.

·      Write down small achievable goals that can be accomplished such as emails, phone calls, research, keeping your social media pages up to date, set up websites, open online stores, etc.…

·      Check off your list as you complete your tasks. They may seem small but when you look back and see how much you have accomplished, those small things tend to add up and get the job done.

·      What marketing strategies that you can you get done by yourself? Have you visited Vistaprint, to make sure you order supplies and marketing accessories for you business?

·      Where do you see your business in 3 months vs. 3 years?

·      Have you researched your competitors?

·      Set daily and weekly tasks vs. monthly and yearly until you master the basics.


3.  Financial Checkup-   To finish strong, you have to know what is making sense in your business. Are you paying out more than you are taking in?

·      Are you hitting the money target for your business or is it costing more for you to be in business (net income, cash flow, gross, sales, profit, inventory, etc).

·      Are you overspending just because the money is there?

·  Get with a bank or a business consultant to make sure you are properly deviating monies where it should go.

4.  Evaluate Your Process - Make sure everything you have planned is going accordingly.

·      Communication

·      Emails

·      Phone Calls

·      Social Media

·      Proper Links to websites

·      Ordering Process

·      Tax Filing/Receipts


5. Update Your Creativity- Never stay in a comfortable place. Social media is forever evolving and so should your business. Find ways to make your business stand out and draw attention. How?

·    Stay current with the latest apps

·    Find out what competitors are doing and add your own twist to it.

·    Update websites and social media platforms

·    Stay up to date with trends and current issues you can relate back to your business.

·    Find meaty content to post.

·    Add music and excitement to your LIVES.

·    Repurpose Existing Content

·    Build Foundation not just followers

·    Stay Active

·    Pay attention to your insights on your platforms

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Coach Donna