So it’s October and guess what? Your NEW YEAR BEGINS NOW! For many that follow me, you know 2018 kicked off with a drastic shift for me. I STOPPED DOING HAIR! I have been behind the chair all my life, my official career began after completing Beauty School in 1997. TWENTY YEARS OF SERVING CLIENTS AND HALF OF MY INCOME ALL CAME TO A HALT BUT IT WAS FOR A GREATER CAUSE!

I had so many goals to complete 2018, it required a different part of me, one that did not come so naturally. I had to stop to START! Talk about a faith walk! Some of the goals that I set out to complete were to:

  1. Tour with The Network

  2. Finish and Release My First Book

  3. Turn 40 in Europe

  4. Connect with more Influencers

  5. Start Boxing Classes

  6. Eat Healthier

  7. Help develop 10-15 New Brands


The lists goes on and on! I SMASHED EVERY GOAL AND NOW I AM IN BURN OUT MODE! I know you may be thinking “Burn Out”, what, why? It’s a term used in Boxing when we feel like we want to quit, rather than stop we do the opposite. We push our body to go as hard as we can, we punch the heck out of that bag until the bell goes DING and this is what I want you to do! GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!

This is not the time for you to quit but it’s time to BURN OUT!

AS WE ARE CLOSING OUT 2018 IT IS TIME TO SHIFT SOME TASKS TO YOUR COMPLETION LIST! This entire month my Coaching Team is focused on closing out the year strong! Finishing ON TOP! We are already planning 2019 both individually and corporately. What does that look like, what does that sound like?

  •  Writing a Book

  • Hiring or Firing a Staff Member

  • Incorporating New Technology

  • Lose 20 pounds

  • Get Coaching

Whatever it is, A PLAN IS NEEDED! Sometimes the ideas we have are so big and huge that we either do not know where to start or we just run toward it without a plan in mind. I am such a creative and my ideas are always over the moon big. Here are a few things that I do to do my best to achieving my goals:

Give It A Name

Give your idea a name. Think of titles for your product, service or event. Think of the attributes of the idea and brainstorm on a name that encompasses that.

Smash Your Idea

I break down my ideas kind of like a I did my reports in communication arts course in school. I jot down the overall idea and then underneath I get in to the details of… Who, What, When, Where and Why???


Give Your Idea A Language

Next I think about my idea as a persona. I think about, what would it say if it spoke? What sounds would it make? Who does it appeal to?

Create A Marketing Strategy For Your Idea

Based on my ideas persona and my target audience, I come up with a marketing plan which includes the language, the look, the feel of my idea.

Create a Budget To Each Area Of Your Idea

Next to each aspect of your idea you must attach the cost, whether that is tools, the time, the speakers, the location, the marketing…get as close as you can and double it. When I first got started I would always focus on breaking even and that is exactly what I did, but the goal is to create a profit!!

Write A Timeline To Your Idea

Put your idea to a time line and stick to it… be sure to add room for error! Trust me when you set your mind on a goal it’s like all hell will rise up to oppose your idea! You must prove to yourself and to your idea that you are worthy of being the one to carry it out!

Have Fun

Lastly, HAVE FUN! Enjoy the journey! Take it in, celebrate your small wins. Take time to do nothing! Resting your body and brain will help to increase your creativity.

Take this info and apply it to your next big idea! Add to it, take it further… whatever you do keep me in the loop! Feel free to email me to book a session at This is your winning season! Go Dominate!