Why entrepreneurship?

Thinking back to my childhood, I was always interested in doing my own thing. I wasn't much for following rules but rather creating my own. I like entrepreneurship because the ideas you create are an extension of yourself. Your thoughts, interests, and desires are formed into a living, breathing projects that you invest your time, sweat, and money into. It's like birthing a child and molding it.

Did entrepreneurship find you or did you find it?

I think it was a little bit of both, I didn't consider myself an entrepreneur until last summer when I officially launched my photography business. Yet I remember as a kid, attempting to make flower crowns and trying to sell them at school. I was always into making things with my hands, even if I wasn't good at it.

As a business leader, what’s some of your greatest challenges?

Balancing my creative side and my school side. I'm a full-time student and a full-time creative, so when I'm supposed to be studying my books I'm thinking of new concepts for a shoot.

When you’re not in business mode, what do you do for down time?

Watching Netflix, favorite show right now is House of Cards. Or I'm exploring the city of Orlando, I have yet to see the Orlando Eye.

As a CEO Chick, how are you dominating your industry?

I dominate by lifting and encouraging other creatives! I have a lot of friends that are in music, modeling, writing, photography, etc. Whenever they need help on a project, I do my best to make myself available and serve them.

What your number one advice to a fellow CEO chick or aspiring business leader?

Stop talking about and be about it. You have an idea, a gift, a book, or a desire. All that's left to do is actually do it. It's going to be awkward at first. It's like riding a bike or trying your shoes for the first time all over again. Every expert and professional started as an amateur. 

What’s three things you would tell your younger self in business?

1. Don't be cheap because you get what you pay for. 

2. Stay curious.

3. Do not be afraid to charge what you're worth, the right people will want to pay for your services.

What keeps you creative in business?

My favorite artists are Solange, Lorde, and the Florence and the Machine, etc. I love watching their music videos and laying on my bed listening to their music for hours. I pull a lot of inspiration from them as well as Pinterest. 

What can we expect next from you? 

Expect to see me collaborating with more creatives of Orlando! I'm ready to meet and work with upcoming artists to create amazing projects!