Check out our CEO Chick of the month, Adrienne Hughes-Jackson. We were able to ask a few questions on her journey... Here is what she said

Why entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is rewarding and comes with levels of freedom that cannot be obtained in a 9-5. Entrepreneurship allows me the opportunity to control my boundaries.  It is a lot of hard work and not for everyone, but thus far I have found this journey to be very rewarding.  I don’t mind the long hours or sacrifice that it takes because it is for our brand, my legacy. 

Did entrepreneurship find you or did you find it? I think that it is a combination of the two; basically we found each other!  I am a firm believer that everyone has a calling, something that you are destined to achieve in your life time.  The key is to discover your purpose and relentlessly pursue that. I am blessed to share this journey with my daughter, who shares my love for fashion and beauty.  We are successfully able to incorporate our love for the fashion industry and our desire to want to encourage women weekly via our podcast.   

As a business leader, what’s some of your greatest challenges? Because patience is not one of my best attributes, getting exposure to our brand has been my biggest challenge.   

When you’re not in business mode, what do you do for down time? I love to cook!  I am constantly looking for and trying new recipes. I also enjoy reading.  I am very close with my family, it is not uncommon that we get together, enjoy a meal and a few laughs. When time allows, I will sit on my deck, no music or distractions, listening to nature and quiet time with God. 

As a CEO Chick, how are you dominating your industry? I am dominating the industry by being one of a few mother-daughter duos that simultaneously (1) hosts a radio show; (2) write for a magazine; (3) own a body care line; (4) obtaining certification in makeup artistry and fashion styling.

What your number one advice to a fellow CEO chick or aspiring business leader? The best advice that I would share would be to always operate with integrity, let your word be your bond. Seek God for wisdom, ask Him for divine connections and opportunities.  Surround yourself with like-minded people and distance yourself from toxic relationships.  Do not be intimidated when you do not have all the answers. Always remain humble in any level of success you may have! 

What’s three things you would tell your younger self in business? (1) Do not be afraid the pursue your dreams; (2) do not allow the opinions of negative people to get in your head; (3) know your worth.

What keeps you creative in business? Knowing the importance of staying relevant, staying current with the trends and current events.  Not becoming complacent with my current situation.  I set weekly goals for myself which include learning something new, trying a new app, I am constantly seeking new opportunities that will expand our brand.

What can we expect next from you? Completing the certification of makeup artistry and fashion styling.  This certification includes theatre and special effects; I would love to explore the opportunities that would allow for me to work within that atmosphere.  Additionally, I am planning to become a certified esthetician and further explore the opportunities in the fashion industry that will take our business and brand to another level.



Let Your Apps Work For You

                                                           By Coach Donna Moody

As CEO'S and aspiring business owners, we tend to get a little busy. That is why apps are so important to use. Apps can post, filter, organize, and help brand your business. Let’s talk about Facebook. Facebook is one of the top well-known apps/platform to reach viewers. If you do not have the time to post, let the app post for you while you work on other business ideas. Let’s take a look at how to do just that.

1.     Log on to Facebook, using your laptop or computer. (The feature does not work via mobile)

2.     Find the box where you normally type in your daily statuses.

3.     Type message and click the calendar icon at the bottom.

4.     Select the month, day, year, time and click post!

5.     You have just scheduled your first post.


Stay connected with your viewers throughout the day even if you are in a meeting, on vacation, or spending time with your family. Never again, miss an opportunity to post consistently when you have an app/platform that can do it for you. Always remember, great opportunities unfold with consistency!

Another very powerful social platform that provides many opportunities for myself, as well as many other brand influencers would be Instagram. So, posting regularly is very important in order to stay relevant. UNUM is app that is great to plan your post, but also create a cohesive look that will be aesthetically pleasing to your audience on Instagram. This is a free app, but if you post tons of pictures on Instagram, they offer several subscriptions according to amount of content you post.

1. Once you sign into your Instagram within the app, you can begin to upload the pictures using the + symbol in the white menu bar, you can drag and drop until you get the grid you want for your account.

2. It also gives you the opportunity to check your analytics, which tells you the best times to post to get the most feedback from your followers.

3. NOW, you can schedule your content! Click on the hour glass in the upper right hand corner (which you will see on the FIRST IMAGE, in these list of steps) and it will take you to this image. Then select CUSTOM POST feature that allows you to schedule individually post.

4. Lastly, just like Instagram allows you to be logged into several accounts at the same to, so does UNUM! 

(For more tips and information on this specific app check out, she offers great help as well!)


I can tell you that from my own personal experience! I have been building a social media presence for quite some time now, and with a lot of consistency and dedication to my brand; I was able to get it to ONE MILLION VIEWS! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!


I hope this helps you as you build a social media presence for your brand! Don't forget to like our Facebook page CEO Chicks and stay updated on all that is going on within our network! XO