CEO Chicks Who DOMINATE-Featuring Nesha Griffin

Our CEO Chick of the month is none other than CEO of Executive Behavior Quanesha Griffin!

She is a Mental Health Specialist working with the youth at a Non-Profit agency. We took a few minutes to catch up with Nesha about her journey and here is what she said...

Why entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship gives me the freedom to execute the vision God gave me. I had a 9 to 5, and completed my educational track, now I am ready to do something no one knew I was capable of doing. Entrepreneurship shows people with God I can do anything, and they can to.

Did entrepreneurship find you or did you find it? I had visions of it. I had visions of helping people reach their potential before I even knew my own. Then scrolling through social media I randomly see information regarding a networking event, decided to go and soon got the confirmation and resources I needed it. So it found me.

 As a business leader, what’s some of your greatest challenges? Some of my challenges include learning to let go, I do not have to do everything on my own. I call myself the multitasking queen, so I don't always have to ask for help but realize I may need to. My other challenge is during times when my depression symptoms heighten, I am not motivated and no longer productive. I have to push myself to get through it. However, when I push through I am empowered to capacity and I do more than ever!

 When you’re not in business mode, what do you do for down time? Spending time with my family! Self- care is very important so being around family and friends is an amazing feeling.

 As a CEO Chick, how are you dominating your industry? I am dominating my industry by serving my community, mentoring the youth, speaking and hosting events. My first empowerment brunch sold out twice! I am on my way to launching something big in the fall, and publishing two more books! My first published journal Ceo Sessions sold out in the first week. I was able to complete my Master's, start Life Coaching, plan my wedding, publish a journal, book at least 2 to 3 speaking engagements a month, work part time, also have time for networking, family and self-care. I am the multi-tasking Queen. My field is all about guiding people to reach their best potential. So not only do I service one on one sessions, I actually set the example. People have messaged me several times about how I inspire them to do it all and to get what they want out of life. It’s in those times I realize I am dominating! I was able to do everything people said I couldn't and shouldn't do and I showed them what I can do. I have so much more in store, stay tuned.

 What your number one advice to a fellow CEO chick or aspiring business leader? Sometimes when things get ruff and you feel stuck. Understand to let God use you. Your testimony and breakthrough can take you to the next level. Use that passion to fuel your decisions and get everything you thought you couldn't have in life. You are the head and not the tail.

 What’s three things you would tell your younger self in business? Nesha, stop down playing yourself, God said you are qualified, and that's enough! 

 What keeps you creative in business? Keeping up with the social media trends and pressure from a deadline.

What can we expect next from you? Expect more material on setting goals. I am organizing a network to fight against domestic violence and to empower women and girls. I am also going into the field of therapy with my Masters of social work. I have a lot going on but this is what I do. Keep up with me by heading to