CEO Chicks Who Dominate-Featuring Author Kita C.

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Check out our  CEO Chick of the month,  Nakita Claybourne aka Kita C. We were able to ask a few questions on her entrepreneurship journey... here is what she said.

*Why Entrepreneurship? I chose to become an entrepreneur so that I could confidently enjoy life on my terms, with an understanding that I alone determine my own success.

*Did entrepreneurship find you or did you find it? I’d say a little bit of both. Since the age of 6, I knew that I wanted to be a business woman. Whenever my mother took us downtown for child support hearings, I would admire the way business women would carry their brown leather suit cases, strutting proud with their heads held high. These women always appeared unbothered, that they meant business and no thing could stand in their way. Seeing such confidence gave me confidence and I instantly knew that I would be a entrepreneur.

*As a business leader, what’s some of your greatest challenges? As a business leader one challenge is, having the ability to allow God to put me in uncomfortable places that will ultimately help me grow. Another challenge is removing the urge of trying to figure everything out for everyone else.

*When you’re not in business mode, what do you do for down time? In my downtime I roller skate, shop, read, do yoga, pray, journal, and meditate daily.

*As a CEO Chick, how are you dominating your industry? I am dominating my industry because I am passionate about winning and seeing others win as well. I understand that the Power and Presence of the Spirit of God heals and blesses me, and in turn can and will do the same for all man kind.

*What’s your number one advice to a fellow CEO chick or aspiring business leader? Queen / King you were born to win! You can create the life you want by first deciding what you want, second believing that you can have it, third seeing yourself in the theater of your mind with it, and lastly, matching the feeling or emotion of whatever you want to do, to be and to have. Always allow God to work in your business/life and you shall prosper abundantly.

*What’s three things you would tell your younger self in business? I would tell my younger self to trust my highest good because it is the nearest good, stop trying to make others believe in your ideas/goals, and you got this Queen.

*What keeps you creative in business? What keeps me creative in business is picturing new ways of doing effective things in an ever changing market.

*What can we expect next from you? I am opening a Holistic Therapy / Mindfulness Meditation Boutique in Arizona this Fall 2017. I am honored and thankful to have my recently published poetry Collection entitled My A.L.L. (Allure of Love & Lust) premiering and endorsed by Lit Fire Publications Lit Fire selected my Phenomenal Poetry Collection be featured at Germanys World renowned Frankfurt International Book Fair 2017 * October 11-15. I am also working on poetic album for My A.L.L. in the process.

I am launching my Signature Cardigan Line Treasure Me by Kita C. in the Winter / Spring of 2018. Treasure Me by Kita C. Cardigan Line will aide in the research and support of causes such as Lupus, Breast Cancer and African Unification.


Wow!!! Kita C. is the definition of a CEO Chick! Look out for her on our upcoming Mastermind Call this 3rd Monday, more to details to come. If you this inspired you feel free to share it on your social media platform and check us out for more about our amazing network!