CEO Chicks Who DOMINATE - Featuring Attorney Rosezena J. Pierce

Attorney Rosezena J. Pierce of R.J.Pierce Law Group

Attorney Rosezena J. Pierce of R.J.Pierce Law Group

This month's CEO Chick of the Month is none other than Attorney Rosezena J. Pierce from our Chicago Chapter! She is such a blessing to our community! Attorney Rosezena freely shares her knowledge in business and entertainment law, she supports the businesses of other members, engages in our chats, and is always pleasant. We were able to catch up with her to ask her a few questions on her entrepreneurship journey, here is what she said:

Why entrepreneurship? I wanted to break the generational curse of living paycheck to paycheck, that not only my family faced but people in my community. I am on a mission to create and build a legacy that can be passed down for generations! 

Did entrepreneurship find you or did you find it? It actually found me! Right out of law school I wanted to be an intellectual property lawyer for an entertainment corporation. Unfortunately, with the recent downturn of the economy it was really hard to find that type of job, but before I knew it I was being approached by entertainers and entrepreneurs to help them with their legal needs. After taking my first few clients, I realized what I wanted from a corporate job I could have it all and much more by working for myself!

As a business leader, what are some of your greatest challenges? I have a hard time delegating! I am a perfectionist, so I want things to be done right, so in fear of someone doing it wrong I don’t want to hand it off to anyone else! I learned very fast that the best quality of a CEO is delegation. I am working on overcoming this challenge and looking forward to hiring another Attorney for the firm this year!

When you’re not in business mode, what do you do for down time? I enjoy my husband and kids. It maybe a date night with my husband or a family outing with him and the kids. I work really hard, so any free time I get I want to spend it with my family!

As a CEO Chick, how are you dominating your industry? Instead of being all about money, I am about building relationships with my clients. I think this is more important than anything and sets me apart from other Attorneys in my field. I am a team member to my clients! Their success is very important to me because we grow in business together!

What your number one advice to a fellow CEO chick or aspiring business leader? Advice to my fellow CEO Chicks is to Protect Your Brand That You Build! So many CEOs in today’s digital age do a really great job building a wonderful brand, but do not protect it. It becomes really dishearten when someone else comes along and steal what they have built and even take a step further and protect what that CEO has built. As far as aspiring business leaders, best advice I can give is “don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.” In other words, I know becoming a business owner can be fearful, but you have to have faith and just step out on it and into it. “Just Do It,” like Nike says. Just get started, a job will always be there, but you will regret it for the rest of your life if you never tried starting your own business!

What are three things you would tell your younger self in business? 1. Delegate, don’t waste your time on things that you are weak at, hire someone or ask someone else to help you with those tasks. 2. Engage on Social Media more, it is the best free advertisement business owners could ask for.  3. Get systems and automation set up asap! When you have systems and automation in place you have more free time to serve and focus on your clients who is the most important component of your business!

What keeps you creative in business? My clients, we conform our practice to their needs. We watch the trends that affects them legally and then we go research and resolve how we can help them adapt to the new trends, while offering them legal protection at the same time!

What can we expect next from you? Next up will be some live virtual legal workshops from us along with some legal digital products that business owners can constantly refer to own their own!

WOW! Absolutely amazing! Connect with CEO Chick, Attorney Rosezena at and book your legal consult today! #ceochicksDOMINATE